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    • Yeah, above or around 242 (this is not a number confirmed by U of A that I’ve ever seen), they automatically admit you in dec/Jan/feb once your application is complete. And then once they see how many of those people accepted, they start offering to the 241 and 240, etc. They still consider those regular applicants so that’s why they’re on the chart. 
    • It was May after undergrad. I was in Naples on my first trip overseas. I couldn’t celebrate because my then gf, who I was traveling with (and later broke up with during that trip), hadn’t gotten into any law schools yet (and never would). But I remember the feeling. It was pure euphoria - all of the anxiety and uncertainty just melted away and exposed a contentment that, at least for a few months, I was in the exact career position that I had always hoped for. If I had a choice between that feeling of acceptance or the high of great ecstasy, I’d choose getting into law school a fair amount of the time. 
    • https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-transcript/ The "Transcript Arrangements" section applies to non-Ontario institutions, while the "Transcripts from an Ontario University or College" section applies to Ontario institutions. For Ontario institutions, OLSAS only needs to receive the transcript request before the application deadline, not the actual transcript. I submitted my transcript request along with my application on October 31, the day before the deadline. Everything was fine.
    • If you check the wait list you can see the stats of ppl that got in. But I would retake if you feel like you can do better! You got this  
    • Not sure if this is the right place to post this (sorry in advance if it isn’t), but application season is stressful and it would be lovely to hear some happy stories and experiences.