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Ottawa 2017 Accepted thread - summarized

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Just thought I would post the following summary of last year's accepted thread.  Every year is different of course, but at least it provides a sense of what transpired in the past.  Hope it is helpful to others also.

Please just ignore typos and usernames aren't always exact.(It was already too tedious to compile/so I didn't worry about typos.)

Good luck to everyone for 2018!


OTTAWA    132 students   http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/46602-accepted-to-ottawa-2017/  

posted to lawstudents.ca    

NAME    Acceptance Date    LSAT    CumGPA    2yr GPA    OLSAS    Other GPA    General, other    Comments
dannyboy    07-Dec    163    

general    out of prov
jddreamer    07-Dec    165    3.89    

general    out of prov. St thom univ. NB|
roj    07-Dec    170    3.6    

u of t udergrad
1992    07-Dec    170    3.82    

ontario res
gamera    08-Dec    168    4    

general    believe grad work incl in gpa. Out of prov
tbex61    09-Dec    157,161    3.63    3.78    

barrietrackclub    09-Dec    160    


good EC, strong LOR
runstudyrepeat    15-Dec    163    3.77    3.78    

procrasticleaner    15-Dec    166    3.75    

159,166    3.75    

general    gpa ever posted, trasncript revwd, general, ontario
546883692    07-Dec    169    3.74    

good MA, fairly robust Ecs
kitkatattack23    15-Dec    154,162    4.15/4.3    

ON, 2 strong ref, 1 avg, lots volun. Ecs
thehammerofthelaw    15-Dec    169    3.77    

157    3.78    

strong refs, stron Ecs
drankcoffee    20-Dec    

accepted on Ozone, transcript processed OLSAS 16TH
sciddles    20-Dec    156 (+ Dec)    3.9 approx    

nname17    21-Dec    160    3.84    

accepted stud zone/nothing on OLSAS
ZSC    21-Dec    160    3.8ISH    

Demander     23-Dec    163    3.83    

keep on swimming    15-Dec    157    3.9    3.94    

chrissquats    06-Jan    156    3.88    

rightsoherewego    06-Jan    175    3.72    

lawschool22    06-Jan    163    


theartificialman    06-Jan    158    

general    strong LOR, PS and Ecs
Bblaw    12-Jan    158,156    


uzone acceptance
couchpotato    12-Jan    156    


lawlawland123    13-Jan    155,163    


akacat    13-Jan    166    


Ojo92    13-Jan    156    


acceptance on uozone, really strong LOR, Ecs and PS
squidward    13-Jan    158    


strong refs, person stmt, CV
Kronk88    13-Jan    157,158    


parosa    15-Jan    161    


wh1ter0se    Friday before 01-15    158    


letmeclarify    16-Jan    162    


beansprouts    19-Jan    158,160    


strong LOR and EC, trilingual. Accepted to Osgoode today also
tree17    Friday before 01-16    167    
3.88    3.7    

ltd EC, some work law enf, strong L\OR
nileycoyote    Friday before 01-16    156 Dec + Feb    3.81    

U of T, strong EC/work and LOR
mudelta    14-Jan    155, 160Dec    3.97    

solid pers stmt but nothing special, strong LOR, EC….
FieldMarshal    07-Dec    154    
3.91    3.84    

stronger ECS, work exp, strong/very supportive LORs
TreeHugger123    24-Jan    155    
3.96    3.94    

lots of volunteer work and universitiy clubs, strong LOR
aael67    24-Jan    169    


avg Ecs and LOR
hdosanjh    23-Jan    163 +Feb    


nothing exceptnal. Worked 30 hrs/wk. compet dacer, taught dance, interned US consulate, yorkudance team, faculty ambassador
TarpeianRock    13-Jan    162    3.85    

156    3.7    3.85    

General    EC's weren't great, good PS I think
idontknow    30-Jan    152,159    3.7    

mediocre EC, personal statement
mithrandir    13-Jan    158,159    
est 3.6    

general    GPA Commonwelath, MA Cdn, good LOR, comm service, vol. social justice oriented

hathi    05-Feb    164    3.66    

avg LOR, EC research public, short novel, stud govt'
moominpapa    09-Feb    164    3.22    

mature    avg PS, below avg EC, good LOR. Also accepted at western
LegallyRed    end week before Feb 14    163    3.56    

mature    7 yr work in'tl dev MA from UK, compet sports, posted ovrseas
jenesaisquoi    16-Feb    162,160    3.5    3.8    

wrk 3job, BA Fr, Eng Span. Work 3 countries, fed gov't and volunteer
165    3.6    

will be declining
nosethelaw    24-Feb    153,151    3.9/4.0    

prelawunb14    27-Feb    162    3.7/4,0    

masters 2.9/4.0 - will reject in fav of diff school
fides    27-Feb    160    3.66    

HJHutch    27-Feb    159    3.71    

casechase    27-Feb    160    3.4    around 3.7+    

undergrad McMaster, Masters 4.0 neuroscience, extensive research, presented at conf. worked. Strong refs. Also accepted at Calgary
legallynotblonde222    28-Feb    158    
3.76    3.6    

declned 04-26
tor2424    27-Feb    167    3.48    

mature    MA cgpa 3.9
alfuturelaw    28-Feb    156    3.69    

alex09    28-Feb    161    3.54    3.68    

asttowest    28-Feb    171    2.54    

Dizzee    mid Jan    156    3.72    

decen EC, letter fr internship, personal statemtn. Some research
Brooke    28-Feb    162    3.47    3.67    

social justice EC's, stron ref letters and PS
OBA1207    28-Feb    151    

access    accepted before Feb LSAT 156. may barriers, extensive social justice.
160    3.5    

tomtom    08-Mar    157    3.78    3.8    

3rd year undergrad
yerlaw123    08-Mar    160    3.86    

candidlycarter    09-Mar    157 x 2    3.5    

strong ref?, EC =acadm awards, work exp, some volunteer, strong PS
Marwaho    13-Mar    151    3.74    

3rd year applicant from Carleton, Syrian, VP Syrian Ass, member groups, workg law firm
LikeHazeluts    13-Mar    173    3.51    

accepted Western, declined Ottawa, kept Osgoode open
newgirl    13-Mar    157 ,158    3.68    

McGill undergrad, lots of Ecs, ldrship, work study, 3 LORs
nouchster95    13-Mar    161, 163    3.47    3.58    

2Prof LORS, tailed |Ps to |Ottawa, ECS Coath \yth Soccer, work office job in summers
3.68    3.51    

will probably decline
mashedpotatoes    13-Mar    163, 164    
3.6    3.31    

will decline to free up spot for someone else
milksheik    2nd wk March    164    


accepted after Queens and Western. BSC in Life Sci +humanities+tutroing, volunterial, journals, paper published, serve 2 exec terms
ciariarua    02-Mar    154    

general    LOR Emloyer, and research Prof, vol exper - internship legal aid for low inc women
cnote    05-Apr    

Jrawls    08-Apr    157    
3.7    2.96    

2 Masters CGPA 3.83, strong EC
vabs9694    09-Apr    156    
3.89 (87%)    3.46 (82%)     

bad first year, 4.0 scale, finishing MA, strong/avg EC, PS strong?
x123    10-Apr    160    
3.7    3.00    

great Ecs and L|OR
lawl55    10-Apr    156 Dec, 3rd attempt    3.44    3.56    

strong Ecs / References, prev rejected
kd071    13-Mar    163,164    3.44    3.7    

below avg EC's, Uottawa grad
wallerobert    05-Mar    159    3.48    

mature    new migrant to Can
Eragon86    12-Apr    160    above 3.75    

French JD Frnch dual (US,Can)
superwoma1994    13-Apr    152 Sept    3.76    

prev LSAT atrocious. conflicted w/another acceptance
thesix    13-Apr    159 highest    3.55    3.8ish    

lots of Ecs wrkg w/homeless youth/minorities, toronto charities, pres of 2 clubs at UofT
0Lol    thurs before Apr 15    157    3.3    3.7ish    

MA 3.8ish, strong ed backgrond
imalwaysanxious    ditto    166    3.13    

access cateogry    strong ECS , choice between ottawa and western
putitthisway    approx 04-10    158 highest    3.6    

declined. Choosing btw Dal and Western
FailingForwards    awhile back    166    3.4    

nonexistent EC's strong / decent L|OR
158    3.47    

social justice PS, EC nothing special, pres 1 club few publications
158    3.7    

 in at Queens. Not heard from Ottawa

mature    in at NB and Man. Not heard from Ottawa
Bello    24-Apr    160, 158    
3.85 & 4.0 3rd/4th    3.65    

ewok    24-Apr    155    3.81    

dhillia    24-Apr    159    3.46    3.72    

natasharose    24-Apr    152/159    3.49    3.79    

will decline in favour of other school
lawschool2017    24-Apr    159/157    3.7    3.9    

above avg Ecs and LORs. Declining for UWO
chihuahua94    24-Apr    163 (3rd)    3.3    3.7    

florrickwannabe    24-Apr    159    3.4    3.7    

0ekm2    26-Apr    167 (3rd)    3.5    3.63    

really good EC's presum. Great LORS. Interesting work exp. Declining in favour of school closer to home
Linds0126    24-Apr    160    3.4    3.71    

will decine in favour of western
mlambe    26-Apr    164    3.41    3.4    

ayvik    26-Apr    156    3.77    

newgirl31    26-Apr    145, 156    3.44    

suns    27-Apr    151    3.74    

MA strong ottawa oriented PS, good LOR
applyingnow    27-Apr    156    3.77    

3rdGenLawStudent    27-Apr    

StrugglingtoGetIn    28-Apr    156    3.71    

motecuhzomasrevenge    28-Apr    152/158    
3.57    3.46\    

strong LOR, solid Person stmt
lawschooldreams    01-May    163    2.91    3.95    

regular    above avg EC LOR exceptional
perisoreous canadensis    02-May    154, 160 (Feb)    3.53    3.7    

LaurenMc    02-May    156    3.63    3.78    

GreatGuy    03-May    166    3.3    3.7    

w29    04-May    168 (2nd)    3.2    

still waiting other schools
pandaflugg    05-May    160 (1st / Feb)    3.5    

non exist EC. One strong/oneweak Ref.
yogainiintraining    06-May    154    2.84    3.4    

UBC MA 4.0, publictns, strg work, good EC, strong Pers stmt. Acceptance at Lakehead with generous scholarship.
Girby    06-May    155    3.26    3.73    

extensive EC/work over past 6 yr. 2 strong |LOR. Happiest w/UO PS
158    3.21    3.85    

95% sure will decline
156    3.5    

BSc. 2 Masters Engin. Lots of wrk exp. Degree from Iran on diff scale - lowering GPA
tastybites    11-May    164    3.21    

23Savage    19-Jun    158 highest    just under B+    3.7    

Moulton93    20-Jun    159/164    

accepted off the waitlist. Have prov accepted Western
Sania    20-Jun    157    3.69    

good work exp, ecs and LORS. Wtg to hear from Osgoode or Quees
girl416    20-Jun    149,151    2.96    

3.4 to 3.5    access    strong ECS and refs
dylzter    20-Jun    158    3.42    3.71    

accepted off wait list. Will decline as have other offer. Accepted to western. Windsor (dual) and ottawa. Also applied queens/osgoode but cancelled application when accepted western
buslaw99    20-Jun    167    3.47    3.86    

accepted difrectly fr under eval / no waitlist
lawschool8    20-Jun    153    3.7    3.85    

on unnumbered waitlist for about a month
uottawahopeful    20-Jun    152/157    3.7    

3 majors in 4 yrs. Lots EC's. supportive refs.
ashleylaw    22-Jun    154    3.8    

user13    13-Apr    158    3.3    


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Good to know thanks.

I just summarized  the admitted thread. (Waitlist thread can perhaps be added later).

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Last offer posted
 On 9/5/2017 at 11:08 AM, Pandora01 said:

Just got in! Was 50/71. Have until 1pm to respond. Will be accepting. Thank you everyone for their help and good luck to those still waiting!


Good work!!

You may have to do a bit of digging to find out their stats.

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    • I have yet to go through the application process myself, so I am open to being wrong here. However, if I am not mistaken, yield protection is primarily an American tactic, no? I have been browsing various forums for a while and do not recall any instances of a Canadian applicant with grades and an LSAT score well above a school's median being rejected. I think the sensible (and most time-efficient) thing to do is to construct a general PS that nevertheless allows you to make note of specific things that make a school attractive to you (e.g. a particular clinic, journal or institute/centre for a specialized area of law)--what you might call a cookie cutter approach. At least that is what I have been doing, but maybe it won't work!  Since schools are simply looking for the best applicants, my guess is that they are less interested in the area you hope to work in and more so the quality of your application relative to everybody else's, in which case, you might as well just write about what it is you truly want to do irrespective of where you are applying. Whether they are completely indifferent is a different question, I think. Though, once more, I've never been on an admissions committee, so...
    • The information that helped me the most writing my personal statement is that it’s a 2-way street. You need to talk about yourself and maybe a specific event that made you develop an interest in law. However, schools want to attain a good “yield” which is the amount of offers accepted vs the amount of offers given. As part of the process, the admissions committee will read the statement and ask themselves, “how likely are they to accept an offer from us?”. This is not necessarily advice so you know what to write about, but it helped me because it made me stress less about writing a perfectly crafted letter that I hope they will like and made me focus on how I can fit in and bring value.
    • Schools do tend to have those kinds of reputations, though their reputation isn't necessarily what they're looking to see reflected in application materials. For instance, U of T has a reputation for being "corporate" but the school itself likes the idea that it is a pathway for people who want to further access to justice and lots of people emphasize their interest in the schools' legal clinic opportunities and reputable International Human Rights Program in their personal statements.  It really depends on the story you're trying to tell about yourself. In my view, "tailoring" your personal statement just means connecting your past experiences together in a narrative, expressing your plan for the future, and making the school look like the next logical step in your path. There are probably a lot of other ways to think about the personal statement, but this was how I thought about mine when I wrote it (admittedly over three years ago). If you're looking to target your personal statements to the law schools you're applying to, I would suggest thinking about concrete and practical things that each school has to offer, and how those things relate to your reasons for wanting to be a lawyer. For instance, if you know that one school has a legal clinic which does bird law and you're interested in bird law, then you'd want to point out that clinic as part of why you're applying to the school/ why the school fits into the overall narrative you're trying to put forward in your personal statement. You can do the same sort of thing with profs (i.e., if school A has Canada's top 3 scholars in bird law, you can emphasize your interest in bird law and whatever bird law-specific courses School A offers in that area). You can get information about this from schools' websites and by asking current students about what they think of their schools' programs in your areas of interest. Hope this helps! To clarify, all the above are considerations on top of whatever requirement the school sets out for the personal statements' contents and structure. Also, if you're from out of province or from the other side of the province, you should give some location-related indication of why you want to go to a particular school. If you have one.
    • They just mean that they’ve tailored their statements to the specific strengths, concentrations, and/or missions of the school. Some people will also discuss how they’d want to practice in the market where the school is located. Schools like uOttawa also have particular components that they look for when reading personal statements. This info is available on their Common Law website. Here’s the link:  https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/how-to-apply/writing-your-personal-statement  Best of luck to you! 

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