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    • I love those profs who really, really don't get it. 
    • I forgot about this. Didn't Dentons hire something like 10 or 11?  Edit: Yeah, wow, only seven of their 23-student class in 2019 were new 2L hires. 11 were 1Ls and the rest returning 1Ls. 
    • I believe that L2 or B2 schools that look at your cGPA want to do so to find out the trend of your mark. It’s not as as simple as just comparing whose cGPA is higher. it wouldn’t make sense to choose a person who has a downward trend even though he/she has a higher cGPA in any case.  In my opinion I feel like it depends on the trend of your GPA. For ex if your B2 is your L2 that’s great. If your B2 is your first two years that’s not so great. Also scores are just one part of the application. Although people kept on emphasizing on scores your PS, ECs and letter do matter.
    • I suggest preparing for questions like “what is the role of the Crown”, behavioural/situational questions, questions where you’re asked to explain what skills and experiences you have that would make you a good summer student. The Crown Prosecutions Manual may be a good thing to skim over, although I’m not saying you have to study it indepth. 
    • If there are one spot left and who would you pick? Assume LOR and EC etc are about the same.. A. 160  only score   3.75 B2 and 3.5 cGPA B. 160 only score   3.75 B2,  and 3.3 cGPA I had 3.47 cGPA, 3.74 B2 161 highest and was wait listed. (2012) My average score was 156.3 cGPA most likely a  factor. My own observation ONLY.  cGPA above 3.6 with B2 3.65 and 160 may be more competitive than A or B above. There may be many other factors admission comm looked at that could affect your chances.  e.g. Averaged LSAT - Applicant' file  with 160 (only score) will be read ahead of 160 highest score (157 average score) That was what happened to my application.  Other categories?  What if B above is  Access category or Indigenous Category ? The stats for applicant pool is slightly different each cycle. School like Queens should have no problem to fill up the top 60% to 75% .  It is not easy to predict the chance of Borderline applicants (like myself) and other categories. There may be over 100 applicants  that are borderline and other categories fighting the remaining 25% to 40% spots.         Do you still think B2 is the actually just  B2? As a matter fact, I think cGPA is always a factor.  

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