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Seneca vs. Centennial- (Ontario College Diploma vs. Graduate Certificate)

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If anyone has any information regarding this topic it would be greatly appreciated. 

I am interested in starting a paralegal course in September 2018 in Toronto. I am from out of province and am not familiar with accreditations in Ontario. I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in May, therefore I will interested in taking either Seneca's Accelerated Program or the program offered by Centennial College. 

Could anyone tell me if one school or accreditation is better than the other? Or is it arbitrary? Looking at their program overviews they both look very similar. I have a preference for maybe Immigration or Litigation. 

Thank-you in advance for your help

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Both are equal in the eyes of the Law Society. Once you’re fully licensed, it doesn’t make a difference. Both schools being public colleges, it is unlikely an employer would view one more favourably than the other.

If you want to do immigration work, you will need separate accreditation from the ICCRC (which you can get online while practicing as a paralegal, from what I’ve heard).

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