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Recherche coloc étudiant(e)

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Bonjour! Je suis une étudiante en droit à l'université de Moncton qui commence ce Septembre 2017. Je recherche un/une coloc pour partager mon appartement de 2 chambres sur la rue McLaughlin, juste derrière le campus. C'est un nouvel appartement, très propre et proche de tout! Appareils ménagers et lave vaisselle inclus!

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    • Western's website also says this, so I am confused. "This means that if you did not take 5 courses per semester in your last 4 semesters of university, your “Last 2” may include academic terms that precede your third year of study (depending on your timeline and whether you were full- or part-time).  If you apply to law school in your final year of university, we are likely to include your Fall term in the calculation of your “Last 2” years OR we may defer our final decision until your winter term grades arrive and include your entire fourth year in the “Last 2” calculation.  This is a decision we make based on the strength of your academic record as a whole."
    • Hey guys, I'm confused.  On OLSAS under Western, the admissions criteria includes the following: "We require a minimum of 3 years of full-time (or equivalent) undergraduate university study, although the majority of admitted students have a 4-year degree. We define 1 year of full-time study as 10 semestered courses." But on Western's website they say: "Is part-time university study counted? Yes, but greater weight is given to full-time study with a full course load because it provides the best evidence of how you will handle the rigorous full course load of first-year law school (where seven courses are taken)." I always completed 4 credits per term and the remainder in the summer. Does this mean I will not be able to apply to Western?  :/ Thank-you!
    • Thank you for saying that!
    • 0% chance with those grades, regardless of LSAT score. No offence but just to be clear you're not even close. I was a mature applicant with an access claim supported by medical documentation, significantly better grades than you (but still a poor cGPA and below median B3) and a 173 LSAT and I didn't even make the waitlist. I would not recommend taking additional undergraduate coursework with the hopes of getting into UofT. That will be a waste of time and money. If you are serious enough about attending law school to consider taking additional undergraduate coursework, I would instead recommend crushing the LSAT and applying as broadly as possible to schools with lower admission standards (and even that will be an uphill battle and would likely still require additional undergraduate coursework to improve your GPA).
    • I am currently studying to take the LSAT in January. I will submit my application for UofT by November 1st. I would like to apply as a Mature Student and take the program as part-time (we have a one year old and planning on a second one next year). What are my chances of getting in: Graduated from University in 2009 with Sociology Bachelor (Honors) and Criminology Concentration  Major Average - 71% | Non-major Average - 61% |Combined - 67%  Employed with the same company since 2012 and have moved up to Managerial position in that time (non-law related, Hospitality) I think my chances seem pretty low from reading the other topics here, even with a mid 170s LSAT.. What are my other options (go back to school for law-related study and then apply?). Any suggestions are appreciated, I am feeling pretty lost.   

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