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Seneca vs. Humber

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Hey everyone!

New to the page and thought I'd seek advice on the following question.


I've been accepted to both the Accelerated Paralegal Program (13mos) at Seneca College and also the Bachelor of Paralegal Studies program at Humber College starting this September. I was just wondering, does the degree truly make that much bigger of a difference? I am in my late 20's and I will do the 4 year degree option should it be found more beneficial. However, if there truly isn't a difference in regards to success post-graduation, I'm just wondering if time and money could be saved doing the fast-tracked option at Seneca!


Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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I think it's more about personal choices., more schooling definitely mean  more legal knowledge proportionally. But it's also kind of related a few factors such as how well the school structure its classes , duration and cost.

If I were you , I might choose an accelerate  Accelerated Paralegal Program (13mos) at Seneca College over  Bachelor of Paralegal Studies program at Humber . To me,Seneca  courses look more condensed of its courses structure. Humber first three year courses of paralegal program look compact, but Humber fourth year courses look more loose to me. 

If It's just a paralegal education, I probably would probably pick one year program  or at most two year program rather than  a four year program, which is actually really long in term of time span, and it's even actually longer than law school itself. I think Humber college has two year paralegal education.

If you are at age of late 20' , an accelerated program of paralegal education may be favorable idea 

(my bias)

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If you already have an undergrad degree, go with Seneca. The Humber degree will give you the option of applying for Master's programs when you're done, if that's something you might be interested in, but there's no point if you already have an undergrad degree.

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