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For anyone looking for a reason to go to Western...

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Watch the speech the valedictorian delivered this week. I'm sure every school would look fantastic in these addresses (and I encourage others to post videos) but this sums up the experience at Western perfectly, should be stickied in this forum. 


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    • To me, that reaffirms what I said above: once the waitlist comes out, we will know for sure that the last cycle of offers - including the holistic round - is done. The only offers to follow will be from the waitlist.  Last year, the last round of offers (including holistic admits) went out on 4 Apr and the waitlist came out on 10 Apr. This year it appears that the last round of offers went out on 7 Apr. I expect people will be informed that they’re on the waitlist in the next few days.
    • Unranked means unranked. A merit ranking would be a ranking.
    • I created a "Books to read" list. I am lucky enough to be working from home but save about 1.5 hours in commuting time per day so I'm plowing through my pile of books. You can also borrow e-books for free through your local library's website which is great.  I also watched Tiger King - it is so ridiculous that for a little bit, you can forget we're living through a pandemic. 
    • Do you have any proof of this? Nothing about the process obviously suggests this...
    • Haha I don't think you can make much of that. Seems like a non-answer to me. 

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