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2018-2019 SW MAG Interview Requests

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I'd like to know -- and I think other students would too -- what MAG offices have begun calling to set up interview slots. Let's start compiling this information...


I so far have an interview with the Brant office, as of around 11:00 am today.

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Kitchener and St. Catharine's are doing interviews this week, Cornwall called yesterday as Snarky mentioned.

I heard Windsor called a few weeks ago

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    • Hello, I am planning to move to Victoria (assuming BC Ferries hasn't become just a big fleet of hospital ships by next month), and trying to plan for how to manage our vehicles. We have one car that we will keep using (so, obviously registering it and insuring with ICBC), and another one that we won't be using but which my spouse won't let me get rid of.  I'm trying to figure out what I need to do with the second vehicle and what it will cost me. 1) If I'm insuring a stored vehicle for theft/damage but not driving it, do I still need to go through ICBC because it's technically an auto policy, or could it just be covered under property insurance? 2) If the answer to #1 is that it is still ICBC, then will I need to get a licence plate even if I have no intention of driving it? That is, would coverage for theft/damage only still require "registration" in BC? 3) Any idea what premiums are like for stored vehicles? I know that BC has really high auto insurance rates, but I'm hoping most of that comes from the liability portion. 4) Is it ok to store an unregistered vehicle in a driveway, or is there some regulation that says it has to be locked away, not adjacent to a street, etc., if it's not insured to be on the road? We will likely be renting a house, so I would rather use "free" driveway storage than pay to store it. Thanks for any insight, -GM PS I hope that, given the minor regulatory nature of these questions, that this doesn't sound like a request for "legal advice". I am really just asking for insurance "information". If I've crossed that line.... sorry mods!  
    • I'm super excited too! It took me like 2 months to decide because choices are HARD but I am suuuper happy with my decision and I definitely think it was the right one
    • I had a good hard look at what I really wanted out of my degree, the type of environment I wanted to live in, and which schools & programs most closely aligned with my values. There were MANY pro/con lists and charts hahaha. I chose uVic mainly because they have such incredible support for Indigenous people, the JD/JID is just way too cool and unique to pass up, Victoria is a smaller city (I am a rural coastal kid and if you cant see at least several hundred stars in the sky somewhere then I don't wanna live there haha), and they host the trans archives which I *hope* means they have a decent QT2 community & decent protections for trans folx on campus. I was definitely also swayed by the scholarship offers   
    • I graduated law school with about $30k-$40k of student debt. Lived at home during articling and for the first 18 months or so of practice. I paid off my debt after about 8 months of practice. Still lived a decent life, went on trips, ate out etc. Moved into an apartment after about 1.5 years of practice when rents in Toronto were still reasonable. Travelled, ate out, bought toys and still managed to save a lot. Made a lateral move that substantially increased my income so saved even more. Took on a mortgage after 5 years of practice. I still manage to save a bit these days, but mortgage payments, house expenses and lifestyle expenses eat up substantially more of my income now than they used to. Other than our mortgage my SO and I have no debt so overall I have no complaints about our financial situation.
    • that is going to be a very difficult. you will likely need to do that at least 4 times a week in first year.. though i suppose you could get a lot of work done during your 6+ hour daily commute

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