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GPA 4.0 or 4.33

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Hi everyone!

I see many of you posting your stats, are those based on 4.0 or 4.33?

Thank you!

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    • https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/careers-myhr/all-employees/pay-benefits/salaries/salarylookuptool/legal-judiciary/legal-counsel-level-1   What requirements does this job need, for say someone who is fresh out of the law school and just got their JD? I assume they would want at least a few of experience working somewhere, if not can you get a job like this (or something similar) fresh out of law school with your degree alone? I'm heavily interested in working a legal job either municipally or provincially in BC for the government (i.e. Legal Counsel). Generally how would one get such jobs and what are its requirements?    Thanks in advance.
    • that's good to know! might really reconsider queens in my list. Do you happen to know windsor or dal or would I be better off making threads in those forums ?
    • Just a reminder that Queen's does not actually have a "mature" category. However, they do allow you to cite "age" and "life experience" as valid criteria under the "access" category. This may be a minor difference, but I think it shifts the onus onto you to explain how those factors are relevant to your application. Slightly less straightforward than the schools who have an actual "mature" category. In any case, Queen's Access medians (3.73, 160) are only slightly lower than the regular category (3.76, 161). As a result, even under Access, you're a bit below median - it would be a close call.  It would probably be worth actually calculating your B2 precisely, if you want a more accurate prediction.  As it stands, I concur with Luckycharm's prediction for regular category; for Access I would guess you are very close to 50/50. -GM
    • It's the name of the law school building, not the law school itself. Queen's does not have a named law school like UBC does with Allard, for instance.
    • Language in the article is so confusing. So I understand the law school building is/was Sir John A. MacDonald Hall, but has the law school itself ever actually been referred to as that? 

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