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Forced to take a course?

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Hell, if you pay my flight to Ottawa I'll spend up to 2 weeks glaring angrily at you while you write practice LSATs, occasionally coughing or loudly muttering to myself. Before each test I'll give you a lecture about how your entire future depends upon this test and your results today. I'm sure that'd make you anxious and would be cheaper than the test. Plus I get a free flight to Ottawa.

Don't forget to arrange for a room near a construction site, or have YOUR phone accidentally go off at some point too.

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The thought of having to go through this is hilarious. However, I would only do it if you were a certified anxiety stimulation specialist, with testimonials from anxiety prone applicants.

I can give you my ex girlfriend's phone number, she can attest for my ability to cause anxiety.

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Keeping with the spirit of LS, I thought I would provide an update rather than disappearing:

Enrolled in an online course. Wrote the September 2017 LSAT and scored 157. Waiting to hear back from schools (uOttawa, Queen's, Dal, TRU).

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    • Not a UOttawa student, but I was accepted to Osgoode this cycle. Law admissions in Ontario through OLSAS utilize a standardized GPA conversation formula based upon your grades received, the credit worth, and length of the classes you have taken across all years of undergraduate. This is called your CGPA, and it is the value you will see many prospective law students citing on this website. I would first recommend inputting your grades into a calculator like the one constructed by the creator of this site (link below) to see your CGPA, and facilitate making comparisons between accepted students and your current stats easier. Citing the Ontario Universities Application Centre (link also below): "OLSAS uses a 4.0 scale. Refer to the OLSAS Undergraduate Grading System Conversion Table to determine the grading scale used for each university that you attended/are attending. The law schools equate university work on the basis of the Ontario traditional academic year system. For universities operating in the semester system, 2 semesters are combined as the equivalent of an academic year (i.e., semesters 1 and 2 are combined for first year; semesters 3 and 4 for second year). Co-op semesters are grouped similarly." Note: your CGPA is likely to be lower than your university GPA based on how the calculation is done.  https://lawapplicants.ca/grade Also, here is some information on how your CGPA is calculated differently than your university GPA.  https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-gpa-calculations/
    • Same. I was planning to re-write it for the 2021 cycle and now that I am finally getting a decent score, the test date is not so certain anymore 😭
    • Hello guys, I hope you are all safe during this period. I am interested in applying to Ottawa University for the civil law program.My GPA is like 3.4/4.3 but I am planning on retaking about 4 classes to boost it up. May I hear a few stats about people who got accepted GPA on 4.3 pls Thank you !
    • I’d advice against this totally.    iPads are extremely expensive (particularly the pro and the keyboard you’d need). I have an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Pencil (the previous Gen). It’s not bad for occasional emails or reading or watching content but for day to day use and heavy typing forget it. The keyboard is much smaller and condensed and you will hate your life. You’re also going to then buy a bother monitor, keyboard and mouse to plug into your Desktop. Not to mention there’s an issue as to whether iOS is even compatible with UT’s exam software.    If you like Apple but you want a desktop like experience, I’d pick up the new MacBook Air. The specs are much more improved then a few years ago but it’s more affordable then a pro. Very lightweight, great battery life, and ideal for taking notes on in class and studying at the library.    You can always buy an external monitor and hook up your Mac to it so when you’re home you have a bigger screen to work on.    That’s what I’d do if I were you today. iPads are not bad don’t get me wrong but they’re a far cry from a computer.    Skip to 0:54 for the super cringy classic arrogant Apple comment which I’m sure you’ve seen:  
    • Paying back six figures of loans will also be very bad for your mental health, just fyi.

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