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Forced to take a course?

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Hell, if you pay my flight to Ottawa I'll spend up to 2 weeks glaring angrily at you while you write practice LSATs, occasionally coughing or loudly muttering to myself. Before each test I'll give you a lecture about how your entire future depends upon this test and your results today. I'm sure that'd make you anxious and would be cheaper than the test. Plus I get a free flight to Ottawa.

Don't forget to arrange for a room near a construction site, or have YOUR phone accidentally go off at some point too.

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The thought of having to go through this is hilarious. However, I would only do it if you were a certified anxiety stimulation specialist, with testimonials from anxiety prone applicants.

I can give you my ex girlfriend's phone number, she can attest for my ability to cause anxiety.

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Keeping with the spirit of LS, I thought I would provide an update rather than disappearing:

Enrolled in an online course. Wrote the September 2017 LSAT and scored 157. Waiting to hear back from schools (uOttawa, Queen's, Dal, TRU).

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    • No evidence, but “random“ makes no sense. Basing it on individualistic factors doesn’t necessarily add merit. There can be two people with equally impressive yet different experiences yet one may help balance the class out more than the other. Just my theory. 
    • Got the email today. General Applicant Cgpa - 2.98/L2 - 3.59/LSAT - 160 (one write, September) best of luck to everyone!
    • To me, that reaffirms what I said above: once the waitlist comes out, we will know for sure that the last cycle of offers - including the holistic round - is done. The only offers to follow will be from the waitlist.  Last year, the last round of offers (including holistic admits) went out on 4 Apr and the waitlist came out on 10 Apr. This year it appears that the last round of offers went out on 7 Apr. I expect people will be informed that they’re on the waitlist in the next few days.
    • Unranked means unranked. A merit ranking would be a ranking.
    • I created a "Books to read" list. I am lucky enough to be working from home but save about 1.5 hours in commuting time per day so I'm plowing through my pile of books. You can also borrow e-books for free through your local library's website which is great.  I also watched Tiger King - it is so ridiculous that for a little bit, you can forget we're living through a pandemic. 

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