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Course aux stages 2017

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I haven't received refusal letter from Dentons, does that mean that I am still in the game ?



Maybe you should check your junk mailbox, mine was there haha. If not, maybe you're right. 

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    • ... Are you serious? Aren’t you a practicing lawyer? I think it should be fairly obvious why disclosing, publicly, that you’re researching a specific issue and reviewing a specific, not well known case could be problematic.  It’s not a serious confidentiality issue, but it certainly could develop into one.  People really underestimate how much information can be gleaned from tangential stuff. Hedge funds buy private plane flight data so that they can track when planes take unusual flight paths – you may not think anything of the fact that a jet owned by Occidental Petroleum landed at Epply Airfield, but investors saw it and jumped on it, two days before Occidental announced a $10 billion investment by Berkshire Hathaway to aid in an acquisition. And though it’s unlikely to matter here, as a supervisor I would wonder what my employee was disclosing to people in person if they’re comfortable posting on a public forum about the specific task they’re assigned 
    • I practise family law and run a paperless practice. On each file, I maintain 2 active Microsoft Word documents. I diligently update both documents whenever there is movement on a file. They help refresh my memory during calls/meetings with clients and could potentially defend a LAWPRO years down the road. When it comes to a trial, they can even help me organize my direct/cross examinations and opening/closing statements. It is worth spending half an hour each day just updating these documents for each file (non-billable of course). A Chronology Document - This document helps you keep track what happened on each file organized by date. How much detail you put into each entry depends on what happened and your "gut feelings" about vulnerabilities and concerns etc. For example:  (Imagine this is a chart because I have -100 iq when it comes to post formatting). July 5, 2020 - Client intake. Client shared suspicion of infidelity of spouse and wisdom of retaining a private investigator. Client may return to sign retainer re: begin divorce process. Concerns: Client is a stay-at-home mom who is financially vulnerable. Possible domestic violence incident. No police involvement. Provided client with domestic violence safety kit and advised client to stay with other family members. See debrief letter date JULY-05-2020 re: advice given. July 29, 2020 - Client moved out of matrimonial home with three children. Currently residing with parents in CITY by STREET/STREET. Pickup/dropoff ongoing, transition at school. Client called at 11:34 p.m. re: service of Application. Duration: 8 minutes. Advised client to remain flexible with pickup/drop off. August 8, 2020 - Application served and issued on O.P. with retaining letter advising O.P. to seek legal representation. Request to Admit to follow upon Answer. A Summary Document - although I believe that most law firm intake forms set out the basic information of each client. I like to keep everything in a single document, especially considering that clients don't always provide everything upfront (or may not realize something is important). A lot of important information I learn from my clients often come from small talks while waiting for court and pleasantries regarding the well-being of their children. You can also include a "to do" section which reminds you of important dates. This document is organized in different tables under the heading "client info," "children info," "spouse info," etc. A lot of the information here is not found on the intake forms (e.g. name of camp counselor of a child). Whenever I have a call/meeting with a client, I have both documents open to remind myself of the names of important parties, what happened recently, next steps, important date etc. When it comes to trial, I cross-reference important events in my charts with the file. File Naming Nomenclature - It helps to put some effort into how you label electronic files. Good electronic file organization helps when you are looking for something in a hurry.  Name folders properly and date each file. Add a little blurb in the title.  One of my biggest file reached 1 GB from all the financial document scans. E.g. JULY-05-2020 FORM 8 APPLICATION_Draft 1_re Childcare Issues & Property. Hope I provided you with some ideas to try.
    • Why would that be upsetting to the lawyer? What an odd thing to be upset about. 
    • Got the email a week or two ago.       cGPA: 3.6 LSAT: 155

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