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    • Thank you very much for this advice! I'll stick to my first two.
    • First and foremost - sorry for your loss. I also lost a parent; if you ever want to PM me/just want someone to talk to I'm around.    Regarding your situation - tough to say but not impossible. 1) you have some life experience which will look well on your personal statement. 2) You'd be most likely applying as a mature student, so you're in a different category. 3) You have a story to tell which impacted your academics. But all said and done, 4) crush the LSAT. I mean destroy it. Make it your mission to score a 170+. Doing so would show that you are very much academically inclined, and what happened is not an accurate reflection on your overall capabilities. If you can pull that off, I think you may have a difficult road ahead, but it would be possible. And if not, there's always the UK/US route and returning back to Canada with NCAs would be doable, but that opens up its own challenges, however, you'd then have better chances as you'd be applying to more schools. Good luck!
    • I'd honestly call again to confirm.
    • Let's not derail the thread speculating on the OP's reasons for an interest in law school.
    • No, we ask them why they want to be a lawyer, re: above.