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    • Stop tying debt anxiety to job anxiety. You borrowed at prime and it's dischargeable in bankruptcy. It's not like you're in a death camp or something.  Don't be anxious about not getting a 1L job. They're few and far between.   
    • There's a boat cruise, a formal-type of event, a Detroit Tigers game, lots of meetups at bars, physical-types of activities like a sports tournament and a visit to a trampoline park from what I remember. It's a great time and there's usually a few events per week/weekend for the entire month of September.
    • The info on what courses you take was online and always has been.
    • They should be intertwined, not separate.  Also I get the impression you may be over-selling your school because you think that will reflect well on you. I am guessing that because an interviewer felt the need to tell you her school was better. I’m not sure why school quality is even coming up in an interview. OK, I can think of one reason. If your CV and grades are really impressive, some interviewers, believe it or not, get insecure. I did have a few interviewers get defensive about my grades (my perception - perhaps I was wrong) saying stuff in an apparently aggressive manner like “I never got grades that good and I’ve done great” or “What, did you bribe all your professors?” or “You know, it doesn’t kill you to get a B.” If that happened, I saw it as my job to be a bit self-effacing, but not excessively so, and to redirect the conversation subtly to get them to talk about themselves and/or something else I could comment on that was not grade-related. 
    • If it was a serious sickness, that was long term, and OP ends up with much improved (or at least materially improved) grades in 2L, then it can be relevant to bringing up.  But it'll take common sense to determine if it was a relevant enough factor in your grades in 1L.
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