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June 21-9:30am Call to Bar Questions

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Want to know a few questions from those who attended today's (Jun 20 ) 9:30am session


The letter says "enter from Simcoe street entrance"- Do I exchange voucher for ticket there too?


My brother will exchange tickets around 8:00am and then pick up my relatives from subway around 9:00am. Can my brother exchange all

5 tickets and leave to wait for our relatives. Or we must enter the Hall as soon as we exchanged the tickets?


The letter says it will take between 1.5 to 2 hours. When did the ceremony end today?   11:00am or 12pm? One of my relative has to catch a plane.



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This unnecessarily freaked me the f*** out. I am writing the solicitor's exam tomorrow, JUNE 21 and when I read June 20, I NEARLY EXPLODED...i thought i missed my exam or smth.


I am anxiety ridden and paranoid to the max right now

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