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    • That doesn't really explain why you'd want to push a dinner to 7:30/8. Most receptions start between 5 and 6. You can be at a reception for 30-60 minutes, until 6:30, and make it to dinner at 7. These events are timed the way they are for a reason.
    • I am trying to determine my AGPA and I understand the dropped courses aspect but I am unsure how they translate it to the 4.5 scale. On their admission information, Manitoba indicates that if my transcript has percentage equivalents then they would determine my AGPA based on that. However, I have a 3.0/4.0 before drops and my school rates a 3.0 at 84%. But Manitoba's scale has 84% as a 3.9x/4.5. Am I supposed to believe that my 3.0/4.0 is a 3.9x/4.5 before drops? Or will they just switch all my individual grades to their scale and determine my AGPA from that information... Which if I did my math correctly comes out to around a 3.5 w/ drops.  
    • From OLSAS.  It should be included, with the start date.
    • Hi Last month I decided to register a 6-8 months fulltime certificate diploma program at a private college near my home due to my personal interest. It won't start in late Nov. Now, my question is, should I include this in my academic history? Apparently, I don't have any transcript and I doubt I will have any at the very beginning of the program.     For Ontario law schools, I assume it would be unnecessary because the course won't start before the application deadline(Nov 1st) and I didn't find any relevant information about this on Ontario law schools' pages. However, for some law schools, such as Uof Manitoba and UNB, they ask for full disclosure of academic establishment "you have attended". Not sure if I should include this certificate program into the academic history category.  I don't want to hide anything and I didn't give much thought when I register the course, just purely personal interest. I thought I could keep myself occupied while waiting for the application result.  Now I really don't want to mess up my application for this. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    • it has been suggested more than once here that you can fit in a reception and a dinner on one night. I'm sure OP is just trying to boost his/her chance.