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Study Abroad?

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I can't confirm that but I can confirm it is possible to study at least a semester to a year in a Quebec school, I remember It being in an email but there is only an extremely limited amount of space, maybe 1 person...

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    • What was your L2 though? A 3.3 cGPA won't get you automatically tossed at Queens/Western/Osgoode if your L2 is competitive and you have a solid LSAT. If you don't though ...  Anyway, @Mikka, depending on your PS and if your LSAT lands where you think it will, you'd likely have a reasonable shot at Windsor.
    • I just have a single question for those who consider Australia over the UK, why? If you can't get into a Canadian school and you're considering going overseas ,which most would agree is a huge risk, why would you risk even more by going to a school that charges 40k+ CAD a year?. f you're going to risk getting a foreign law degree, wouldn't you opt for the most affordable one, one from the UK.
    • When I was in 1L, the Mcgill admin had this brilliant idea of telling all of us stressed out 1Ls that they had a "surprise" for us. We left our midterms and crammed at the SAO office and were given our Letters of Intent that we wrote the year before. As McGill advised, it was to "remind" us of why we chose to come to McGill and to inspire us during a rough time. Mine had a couple of exclamation marks added, a question mark around a particularly humanties-style statement, with a big ol' SP! and circled word. I'm getting at exactly what @chaboywb wrote - they may or may not notice but it didn't matter in my case as I was accepted without any issue. YMMV, obviously, if your statement is riddled with errors. One spelling mistake did not hurt me though.
    • Did you calculate the index score yourself or do they calculate it for us? 
    • If you have a place to store your suits in the office, you could just leave all your stuff there and wear normal clothes into the office, as long as you can get there before the partners... may not be possible.This way, your suits never even have to go outside, though I hear this can cause Vitamin D deficiency in your suits For myself, as others have mentioned, I have a pair of boots I wear to and from my vehicle, then change into my work shoes. I have a nice long waterproof overcoat, respectable-looking scarf and toque (some people go with ear muffs that wrap around the back of your head but not really necessary for bald folks like myself), and leather-ish gloves (I think they're pleather but nice and warm!). All of my outer gear is some form of grey or black so regardless of my tie and suit colour, it all matches somewhat, not that that's really necessary when trudging through the snow and mud. Also, just a heads up, some dress shoes don't have grip (is it some or all?? no idea) so the second it snows, it's like being bambie out there. First time I went walking in the snow with my dress shoes, I didn't realise this, stepped off a curb onto a road with a slight angle, and almost did the splits; really messed up my groin for a while. Point being, it's a good idea to have traveling shoes anyways.
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