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    • Hey Moon, I would be happy to edit for you. Let me know if you're still looking.  
    • I decided that I wouldn't tell my family I had applied to law school unless and until I got accepted. So at the next family gathering after my acceptance, I handed out copies of my acceptance letter, face down. I had everyone turn it over and read it at the same time, and I recorded their reaction on video. They were surprised, and happy for me, when they found out I was going to be a lawyer. I just rewatched the video. I'm so glad I recorded it. Even all these years later, it's still a priceless moment.
    • It is really hard to say whether any person has "good" EC's or not. I feel like mine are good as well, but I feel like most people do. However, it is certainly no secret that if a school loves your EC's, you have a better chance. You CGPA and L2 are both weak, but if you score an LSAT above the 80th percentile, you could get in somewhere I probably. (depending how bad you CGPA really is)   Goodluck!
    • Hi everyone,  I was just about to submit my OLSAS app but noticed the wording of the question: Were you ever required to withdraw from a law school or other postsecondary program?   My situation is that I left a 5 week post-secondary program a couple days early due to some personal circumstances. The withdraw was on my own request, not the institution's requirement. So do I still respond yes to the question?    
    • Yeah, above or around 242 (this is not a number confirmed by U of A that I’ve ever seen), they automatically admit you in dec/Jan/feb once your application is complete. And then once they see how many of those people accepted, they start offering to the 241 and 240, etc. They still consider those regular applicants so that’s why they’re on the chart.