The most frustrating part of applying for 2016 admission for me has been the lack of info on previous mature applicants' acceptances and rejections. Since the process is even more opaque than the regular category, I thought it might be helpful for next year's applicants if all of us who applied as mature students this year take the time to record his/her stats, and which schools each poster was accepted (and rejected) by.   I thought I would do this in a month or two, but it occurs to me that people may stop frequenting this board, so I figured I'd start it now.    Mature students: help those who are applying for 2017 out! Feel free to leave as little or as much info as you like.    cGPA - 3.45  B2, L2 - It's hard for me to determine what they would have looked at. I spent 2 years in a performing arts program in the US and then transferred back to Canada, where I took 3 years to complete my BA in English. If they're looking only at these three years, then my B2 is around 3.6.  LSAT - 165, 169 I also have an MA from UofT, with a 4.0 GPA (which I completed while working full time) I graduated undergrad in 2008 and have been working in the arts (particularly admin) full time ever since.    Accepted: UBC, Western, UofT, Queens, Ottawa Still waiting: Osgoode and McGill
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