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Any current or graduated students free for coffee in Vancouver?

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    • Salut! Je te souhaite de belles études à l'UdeM. Je pensais qu'il serait peut-être utile que je laisse ici quelques petits points intéressants en ce qui concerne le certificat de droit à l'UdeM, si ton but (ou celui d'une autre personne) est d'intégrer le BAC en droit. Je m'étais informée à l'université, et il m'a été confirmé que l'admission accepte en majorité des étudiants de d'autres bacs (et possiblement certificats, mineures, majeures, etc) que d'étudiants du certificat en droit de l'udem. Ceci est dû au fait que les candidats souvent seront des candidats de TRANSFERT, et que donc le contingentement en deuxième année est beaucoup plus haut qu'en première année. Je suppose que ceci est de moindre importance si on dépose sa candidature à la première année, mais je ne sais pas si c'est faisable.  Bref, en raison de cela, les notes requises doivent être très élevées (visant 4.0+). On m'a dit que très peu de gens (environ une dizaine je pense) sont acceptés du certificat. Ainsi, il est très important de donner de son meilleur durant les études au certificat pour maximiser ses chances d'être admis.  Je souhaite à tous succès, en espérant avoir pu laissé des informations pertinentes.  
    • I realize I am a year late lol, however, I figure answering this would help other people as well. I have studied at both UdeM and UQAM. While UdeM does have a great reputation, UQAM is not in any way a bad university (at least for the political sciences & law dept). I have loved my experience at both universities. UdeM is quite far and that can take a toll on you if you're not a morning person as I am lol.  UQAM sadly has a bad a reputation, mostly because of the social engagement of the university, and the youth of the dept. I can tell you that the teachers (chargés de cours mostly) I had for law courses at UQAM were very good. Most of them have written quite a few doctrinal writings, and are involved in a lot of researches. Some have studied at UdeM and Mcgill. Anyways, point is, the quality of the teaching is great.  You might be the type of person to be set off by political and social engagement; in that case, a more rigid and straight-to-the-point university such as UdeM might be better for you. UdeM does shine with its reputation. The university offers great courses. You have to be prepared for the curve grading too; because of this, people are extremely competitive, and might not be the best people to socialize with! UdeM also participates in ''la course aux stages'', which is good if you're interested in big law. I am not very well versed on the course aux stages, so it's better to investigate the forum on that matter, than take my word.  UdeM is indeed quite big, but UQAM too : prepare for some walking lol. Most is connected to the metro so it's not so bad.  UQAM overall has a better ambiance and sociable people. The grading is litteral, so the competition isn't as strong. Most of the students are socially involved, so that makes them more empathetic.  You have to know that UQAM has the reputation to go on strikes often, whether that is true or not, I cannot say. During my time there (1 year), there was indeed a strike.  FInally, I can honestly say I can see very good sides to each university, and I have enjoyed my time in both. Go with what suits your ambitions and personality best.   
    • It's all highly theoretical, as changes in your GPA could have no impact to a high impact, depending on various factors out of your control. At its simplest, if you've got $5 in your pocket, you can use that to buy a venti frappacino from Starbucks, or you could buy a barrel of oil. Alberta isn't set up to cope with that price. And it might revert back to the $40-odd (or that region ) that they need to be comfortably profitable. But it might not. And that means that Alberta's economy is currently looking highly precarious. Well done for getting the job! But unfortunately, virus has now delayed you a year, and in a year, your firm might not be there. Or they might not be able to hire students. If either of those happens, you'll want good grades to go looking for a backup. Or they might keep right on track for all of this, and then not be able to hire articling students, or have failed in that extra year. In which case you'll want good grades to go looking elsewhere. And finally after you article, they might not be in a position to hire you back, however good work you did - in which case, you'll want...... And even if all of that does happen right, you might not want to stay at your firm for 5-10 years after (or they might not want to keep you that long, or you might need to move cities for a partner), and if you're looking to move within a few years of being called, they'll probably want to see your transcript, at which point, you'll want......   The unfortunate reality is, nobody can promise you what a career is going to look like over the next few years. What can be confidently said is that good grades will normally leave more doors open than bad grades. You might never need to show someone a transcript again, but you don't know that - so keep working as best you can, and you'll give yourself the best chance to overcome any problems that do arise. Worst case scenario then, you have a good transcript nobody wants to see. If you're just worried about worrying, then - you can't control the economy, or epidemiology (on a wide scale. On a small scale, wash your hands & socially distance). So try not to worry. The optional pass/fail can be used to disguise any grades that are truly bad (which might itself raise questions, but that's another issue). Study now, and try to avoid needing to use that trapdoor.
    • Hello, how is it going with your admisison? Have you already got it? If you steel need some sources for thesis proposal writing you can use the links left by kurrika. Also, you can serach some samples at  https://edusson.com/write-my-thesis.  And do not forget to visit the website of the university, college or academic program you are going to apply to. I think you can find some useful information there. 
    • That’s exactly what mine was!! Now I just need to know what rejected people received because I know a waitlisted person’s email was titled “Decision Made”   if you find out about someone who was rejected please let me know! 

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