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Any one accepted?

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I applied but I havent heard anything yet. Hopefully I will recieve good news :)

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Still waiting...there will probably be more movement now that winter break is over.


Anyone else waiting or have any news?


Good luck

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    • Yes that's the one I used, my projected lowest would be 76.10 and highest 76.38 depending on what happens this last term. But yes I really hope so!! I am Indigenous but hoping my index is high enough that I don't have to wait for the Indigenous category deliberations in like March.
    • Absolutely not. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. 
    • Here is the conversion table: https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/graduate_studies/media/Canadian_GPA_Equivalencies.pdf If your index is 76 you are in.
    • In 2.5 years I've already had multiple clerks/assistants come and go. It's obvious pretty quick when someone just doesn't have the attention to detail or organizational skills.  I do mostly basic residential real estate. Landmines is right. Had 10+ deals this Friday and had one ongoing negotiation all day about a stupid tree/neighbour issue, one deal that was amended in a big way on the day of because the purchaser scrambled and altered their financing (did not expect that one to close based on what I was hearing), one purchase where the wire of bridge financing that was sent at 5 AM did not show up until 4 PM (all day on and off the phone with two banks...). And everything closed so in terms of busy days, that was on the luckier side of normal.   
    • Hi everyone! Currently in my last year of undergrad at UofT and my OLSAS GPA is 3.8 (L2: 3.82). I've applied to UofT, Osgoode, UBC and UVic (wouldn't actually go to UVic though probably) this cycle. I took the November LSAT for the first time and got a 160 (as expected—I had been testing in the 160-162 range for two weeks prior). Not a good enough score for the schools I've chosen, I know. I will be taking the January LSAT and hope to improve my score to the 163-165 range over the holiday season. I only studied for about 2 months for the Nov one and my biggest weakness is that I can only ever complete 3/4 RCs so I think I can really improve on that and also step up my LR game (my LGs are good). My question is: should I cancel the Jan LSAT? My Score Preview option expires tomorrow I believe. Is there a chance that, since I've already applied, schools could look at my 160 score (if I don't cancel) and dismiss my application before my Jan score is in? I did indicate on my applications that I'll be taking the Jan 2021 LSAT as well so I'd hope that they wouldn't.

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