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chances 3.85, 157

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    • Hi Everyone! I am in my 5th year of uni and I've been accepted to U of C for 2020 and honestly, given my stats, I wasn't expecting any acceptances (especially this early) and had already started studying for my LSAT again to be more competitive for next cycle. I am super excited about this acceptance, but I'm a little stuck on what to doooo. My ultimate goal is UVic, but I didn't apply this cycle as my stats weren't competitive. However, if I was to apply next year, with the increase in credit drops after this semester, my GPA would be competitive and I would just have to work at getting a couple points higher on the LSAT (obviously, working to get a higher LSAT is never a guarantee). As a BC resident, I'd eventually like to make my way back here, although I'm okay living somewhere else for a couple years before that. My question is, do you think I should take the acceptance with U of C and say bye-bye to the LSAT, or should I decline U of C, try for a higher LSAT, and gun for UVic?  Any advice is appreciated  
    • I submitted the day of the deadline (Jan 15th) and got accepted today, so just over a month later. So to answer your question, no - it doesn't seem that they go by order submitted. I know some other strong applicants who have not heard back having applied earlier. 
    • I got in very quickly with a lower GPA, mine was 3.37. However, I did have a somewhat high LSAT at 170.
    • Okay, makes sense. Likely next week then. From my understanding, 24 people are selected for an interview - firm. From those, 15 make it through. 7 max being allotted to those who reside outside of Manitoba. Thank you!  Same to you!
    • Same 🤣  I got an email from dal telling me they’re now considering my application, and honestly I didn’t really care lol. I’ve been looking into Ryerson a lot more since getting my acceptance and honestly I’d be happy to attend it. It’s downtown Toronto, it’s really holistic so I know it will have a vibrant student body with rich experiences and perspectives, the fact that they have a lecturer and a practitioner co-teaching classes sounds amazing, and I love cheesy things like the marshmallow activity I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed that lol. At the end of the day, it’s an accredited JD law school. If a firm rejects an applicant because they studied at Ryerson, then I’m sure that applicant would be happy not to work there anyway! Anyone with work experience knows it’s about the connections and networks you build that has the most influence in not only getting a job but getting a job in an area of law that you are passionate about. All this negative energy towards Ryerson is bs 🙄 I’m out 🎤 

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