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Reffered to Admissions Committee

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I called today to get some information... if they have my decision already than I would rather just know now, but the woman on the phone wouldn't give me much (nothing about there being three bins of decisions made or that any decisions were forthcoming). She just said to just watch the system and if there has been a decision made, it will appear there. 

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    • Your conclusion is essentially contradicted by your story. All I got from that story was it is easier to get an A at Osgoode than UNB. 
    • And I just saw that you decided, haha. Excellent choice! 
    • UVic is perfect for what you are interested in! Very indigenous focused even if you aren't a JD/JID (which seems like an amazing program as well). There is a very active environmental law club here as well as a legal clinic. UVic also has some of the leading professors in indigenous law (John Borrows, Val Napoleon + a lot of other fantastic profs). Tuition is MUCH cheaper here too, which more than offsets the cost of living. I was offered a $20K scholarship to go to Western and it was still way cheaper to go to UVic sans scholarship. Most of my tuition this year was covered by bursaries anyways. Everyone is very collegial here, midterms are help-not-hurt, and the weather is amazing for most of the year. UVic also has a great Co-op program with lots of cool job placements that you can get into right off your first year.  In terms of negatives: Victoria is expensive (and possibly inconvenient geographically). But it is a fun place to live and the lower tuition offsets things significantly.  I obviously haven't gone to Osgoode, but the idea that any school in Canada is more prestigious is nonsense IMO. Employers are more interested in your personal background than which school you went to. The only difference between an Osgoode grad and a UVic grad at the end of the day is that Osgoode is probably out an extra $50-70K for the same degree.  With your LSAT score the biggest problem you should have is which scholarships to turn down!
    • I am with CIBC for about 7 years now, and my father was with them for close to 15 years. So, I thought I'd see what they offered for student loans. My credit score is above average. So, it isn't terrible.     Last month, I went to talk to CIBC about securing a PSLOC. The loan officer wasn't rude per se, but how should I put it? They were the opposite of obsequious. They were very stern, and it felt like they could care less if they got my business or not.  They offered prime plus 1%, I tried negotiating on the rate but they wouldn't budge. They required a cosigner. They wanted copies of mine and my father's tax returns and pay stubs before they give any more details about the LOC. Details like how much I'd get approved for.  Perhaps the person I talked to wasn't experienced with PSLOCs or it was just a bad apple, but I just walked out when they wouldn't give me more info.  I spoke with RBC the week after, and they offered prime plus 0.5% with no payment required on the principal until 2 years after graduation. I believe they said they could approve up to 85k. Also, that we can do an application without cosigner, and if it comes back negative then we do one with cosigner. They were very cordial and accommodating. I spoke with Scotia after that and they offered everything RBC did but better. They offered prime plus 0%. The same no principal payments until 2 years after graduation. They could approve up to 135k. The same deal with the cosigner that RBC said. They sweetened the deal further by offering a 10k credit card on top            I wanted to speak with TD after that, but Scotia won me over, so I didn't even bother meeting with TD.   Also, keep in mind, I haven't submitted the application yet. I am just in the initial phase of doing research and collecting info. These are just my experiences with interacting with these 3 banks regarding a PSLOC. I am still waiting on one more university to decide where I want to go before I file an application. 
    • law schools want at the latest, a january score, if you've applied that cycle. the notorious windsor only takes up until the november lsat yup, that's also enough time to study good luck man

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