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How are LSAT scores reported?

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I know this question may be overly simple, and I've tried really hard to google and figure it out but for schools that dont require CAS - how are LSAT scores reported to them? Do I have to do anything or does LSAC automatically send them to schools that request them for me after I've applied there?



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    • As an update, they are providing people who were interrupted during the LSAT-Flex with the following choices. Cancel your May LSAT-Flex and take the June LSAT-Flex Cancel your May LSAT-Flex and take the July LSAT-Flex Cancel your May LSAT-Flex and receive a coupon for a future test Keep your May LSAT-Flex
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    • As a U of T student who has spoken to a couple of family law lawyers because I am also interested in the field, I would not recommend U of T based on your priorities.   Although it is not the best economic decision, I believe there are cases in which practicing family law after U of T can be feasible. Family law departments within full-service, regional firms and boutiques that practice high net-worth divorce law compensate their associates fairly well. However, I would expect to work long hours and sacrifice work/life balance at these firms ⁠—something you're not very interested in doing. Given this, you will be better off going to UVic or UBC (both very well-regarded schools).  Side-note: If you do want to practice family law, just be aware that you will need a thick skin. A family law lawyer said that clients/spouses of your clients can be verbally abusive and even go so far as to send death threats. However, it is very personal, which is what you are looking for. 
    • We won’t have access to gyms this year unfortunately (Ontario). 

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