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Accepted 2012

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Congrats Scotian. I assume from your username you're from the maritimes?

Question: When did you send in your application? And how soon after did you get a response?

I applied last week, and i'm wondering how long I will have to wait... I'm from Ontario btw.


Limewhale: Are you waiting for a response as well?


Edit: Just realized, it's an "Accepted " thread - so I take back my question Limewhale :)

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Thank you! Yes I am a maritimer.

I sent off my application the 2nd week of January and got a response around the 3rd week of February. So about 5 weeks.


I was accepted in the combined MBA - JD program so that might have made the application process slightly longer.

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    • True ! This is another route you can go !  There's more information on that process here: https://www.barreau.qc.ca/fr/ressources-avocats/tableau-ordre/permis-exercice/.
    • Yeah i certainly agree with you, and maybe the principal had to demonstrate that they couldn't afford to pay me anymore, but unfortunately there isn't any way for me to know/have access to that information if the principal wasn't willing to offer it. Despite being a litigation lawyer, my principal hates, as is awkward around, direct confrontation and for whatever reason she didn't want to offer information one way or another. I'm just trying to find a way forward despite what's happened to me, and have in particular been having difficulty networking as a nonlawyer, because inevitably my unemployment status comes up and then any lawyer i'm meeting feels like the only reason i'm talking to them is because I want a job so its hard to create the rapport that would actually result in a job. 
    • You don't need to go to bar school. You can get called in another province, then write the transfer exams.
    • I meant that @BlockedQuebecois' assessment of Bay Street (I guess West Georgia/Burrard here?) firms representing corporate as well as FN interests at roughly the same rate is correct, from my experience. You mention disputes, but I think contrary to popular belief there actually aren't many disputes between FNs and corporations.  Most of the work we do on behalf of FNs is consultation and accommodation work alongside corporations represented by large firms, not litigation against them.   On Fasken's website, for instance, many of the aboriginal law files they have listed are also files we've worked on together - just from the FN side.  Since this is a large portion of our files you could say that re: consultation and accommodation, boutiques like ours would do the bulk of the work for FNs, and that in this case large firms are representing corporate interests.    However, for high-stakes litigation, FNs tend to go with larger firms.  One client that comes to mind has our firm as the go-to for general work and Specific Claims, but went with Gowlings back when they were challenging the pipeline ruling.  It's also not uncommon for FNs to have large firms act as general counsel or do corporate work.  Especially when it comes to high-stakes litigation, large firms are doing the bulk of the work and are directly representing FN interests. Basically, there is some aboriginal law work that is exclusive to boutiques and some that is exclusive to large firms.  There's also some general work that could be done by either.  It evens out to roughly the same for large firms.    
    • Hey !  Yes, you will need a civil law degree in order to be eligible for the Québec Bar and also to attend bar school in Québec. Here is the list of steps one has to complete to become a member of the Québec bar: https://www.barreau.qc.ca/fr/ressources-avocats/devenir-avocat/. uOttawa's CDO will likely also have a lot of information on this for their LL.L and PDC students wishing to practice in Québec, so you will likely be able to find a lot of uOttawa specific information about this from them as well. 

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