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Johannes Strachan

Top 2 question/ chances

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So, how hard and fast is the top 2 index score calculation? Will it really be irrelevant that I have a bad cGPA and a declining trend if my top 2 are good?


Also what are my chances? Is a top 2 3.63/162 almost certainly going to get in?

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I'm all over lawstudents.ca tonight :)


Yes it will be irrelevant that you have a bad cGPA and a declining trend if your top 2 are good. And yes, 3.63/162 is almost certainly going to get in. Good luck and congrats, hope you get in soon (and sorry if by some tiny chance you end up not getting in).

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    • I never said it was, and you know that.  Although, to be honest, there's a good argument to be made that academic freedom actually is carte blanche for homophobia/racism/transphobia in an academic capacity (and OP is very clearly talking about the professor's role in an academic capacity). See, for e.g. Jordan Peterson's continued employment at the University of Toronto, J Michael Bailey's continued employment at Northwestern University, etc. 
    • I've read this subject several times. I keep thinking I should say something but no one here knows what the hell is really going on, or ever will. All I can contribute is that I've finally realized why so many people, myself included, approach this subject with such skepticism. And it's because over-sensitive law students are considerably more common than racist/homophobic/sexist/transphobic professors. We can't actually know which of those two things is happening here. But I know if I were playing the odds which one I would bet on. I can still remember when I was in law school, there were a few students so offended by the law they felt that it was an offense against their sensibilities to be forced to listen to it being explained to them in class. I particularly remember (it will probably be stuck in my mind for life) a discussion about the defence of honest but mistaken belief in consent as it relates to sexual assault. There were students so viscerally committed to the position that "if it feels like sexual assault to her, then it is" they literally just couldn't deal with a class which explained that however it might feel to the complainant there could be instances where belief in consent was honestly and fairly founded, which would mean there is no crime. And there were a few examples I can recall of the same pattern of behavior. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. exist. I would never say that people should avoid ever taking a stand, because if no one ever took a stand then things wouldn't change Just for God's sake, if you're going to take a stand, be sure you're standing on firm ground and not that you are magnifying your own sense of outrage into an issue that doesn't really exist outside of your own reactions. I say that both because falling into that second category of behavior is both professionally unwise (no matter how anonymous the process may be, you'll eventually look ridiculous to someone) and because it detracts from properly correcting real racism, real homophobia, etc. We don't really know what's going on in this case. We can't know. All I know is that both possibilities are real. And if the OP has problems hearing about this fact which I know to be true (which hasn't quite happened yet, but it's close) or has issues with not being automatically believed in the total absence of any evidence one way or another (which any rational person would expect) then I'd be more inclined to believe it's the first, and more common scenario, of an excessively sensitive student. But again, we'll never really know.  
    • Saw a blog post that talks about this (tip #1) - https://ontariobarprep.com/blog/3-myths-and-3-tips-for-the-ontario-bar-exams I also preferred using the detailed table of contents. Indices are just extra paper that you have to deal with on exam day(s). 
    • I did OLE because I wanted practice exams and had a discount code, making it the cheapest option.  I think Emond has a database of past indices on their bar prep website. 
    • Does anyone know when the next deadline to accept or decline an offer is?

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