Hello everyone.   I graduated from UofT with Hon. BSc in human biology. my undergrad CGPA was 2.7 but 3.2 in the last two and a half years. I was involved in a car accident when I completed school and have not been able to return for almost 7 years. I am almost 31. I was diagnosed with multiple injuries and brain damage (impariments of memory, concentration, attention and etc.) but my executive funtions and analytical reasoning remained in the 92nd - 98th percentile. I have worked at a law office for the last three and a half years. I recently wrote the LSAT and got 155. I plan to write it a second time and hope to do better. It has been so long since I wrote an exam and I was very nervous. I still wrote it despite everyone telling me that it would be difficult given my situation. I will be applying as a mature student with some learning disability. Just want to know if I would have a chance of being accepted given my circumstances and what would I need to achieve on the LSAT when I write it the second time? realistically speaking I don't think I would get above 162 (most of my practices are between 150-163) I know that this is not competitive. Has anyone with a low cgpa and lsat been accepted to law school under the mature/access category? I appreciate your reponses. Thank you