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CEGEP interviews and last semester

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Hey I just had a few quick questions...

I am a Cegep student from montreal who got an interview and was wondering if any of you could give me a heads up on what type of questions they might ask...my teacher told me one of her students got asked about the canadian federalism while another got asked about their PS...so if any of you already had it, any advice would be much appreciated...


Also after the interview how long does it take to be accepted or refused? or can cegep students also be waitlisted?

Because I would need to reply at my other choices very soon...


Also..I was wondering if my last semester was important for acceptance into McGill...because I've been overloaded with work and school that I kind of dropped in terms of grades this semester nothing drastic...just not as good as my last 3 semesters...I know other schools like UdeM only look at whether you pass or fail..but McGill sort of has their own rules so...

I'm just kind of nervous if ever I get the chance to be accepted...


And I know some of you hate us Cegep applicants at McGill but please refrain from any rude comments in those lines...it took a lot of hard thought about my future and life as a uni student so I hope you guys can understand...


P.S: this board has been a great help for me in general so THANKS to all of you...

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This is an Email sent to me by a 1L at McGill who got in from CEGEP last year.


"First, when you get a call from the Faculty to book your interview, make sure you ask for the names of your interviewers. You can tell me the names (most likely I will know them), and I can tell you what domains of law they specialize in. Also ask to make sure that there will be no questions related to specifics about the law. That's what they told me last year, and so I was able to breathe a bit of a sigh of relief.


For the interview, the biggest thing is to be yourself. Try not to be overly nervous, and engage in a dialogue with the interviewers. Having spoken to other CEGEP students in my year, it seems like there are usually 2 or 3 interviewers and they take on good cop, bad cop roles. Don't be intimidated by this, and stick to your principles! If you say something and believe in it, don't buckle under pressure.


The other thing is to make sure you know your CV and personal statement very well. They are likely to ask you questions about your experiences and your interests. If you say you are interested in something, make sure you can give specifics. For example, I said I was interested in human rights and they asked me what specific global and local issues I was concerned with. If you can even tie this into some of your past work, that is always a bonus.


A lot of students say that they are interested in human rights and social justice. If you have any other interests in law that are original, I suggest mentionning them as it can help distinguish your candidacy. For example: intellectual property, contracts, civil liability (ambulance chassers!), property law, legal philosophy, etc.


Remember that the faculty has a politique de bilinguism passif et donc tu doit être prêt à répondre à des questions posées en français. Tu peux toujours répondre en anglais, mais l'idéale c'est de répondre en français si possible. Ne sois pas gêné.


You should also prepare a question that you would like to ask, so that when they ask you if you have any questions, you will have something ready. It shows extra interest which is always good.


Also, be prepared that they may ask you to comment on a legal issue. Since they are not supposed to ask about any legal knowledge, they will give you sufficient facts and background so that you can use your common sense and world knowledge. In fact, don't be afraid to be very practical."


From which Cegep/program did you apply? What was your crc and what kind of important extracurricular activities did you put in your CV that might have helped you get the interview?

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Omg...thanks BrianDesigns..this is actually quite insightful...i didn't know you could ask for who your interviewer was.. I better call tomorrow to find out...this really helps. Is the person who emailed you someone you knew or someone from here? I wonder if I could ask him or her a few questions directly, but you don't have to tell me who it is, your reply is help enough :)


As fro my stats:

I have a 32 CRC at Marianopolis College in Honors Social Science in the Law and Social Justice Certificate

My ECs include:

-Model UN and attending 2 conferences

-Went to a Darfur Crisis conference

-Volunteered for Unicef at my school

-Went to the PLQ commission jeunesse

-was a representative of Marianopolis for the coalition des cegep anglophones

-Volunteered at provincial elections for a PLQ candidate

-volunteered at Héma-Québec blood drive at my school

and I also was part of 2 sub committees of the Student Union at my school...

My CRC is not incredible, and I know that but I worked all throughout CEGEP, working 20+ hours a week including weekends..

but I think what got me the interviews was really my ECs and PS...I worked really hard on those....


what about you? Did you get an interview? (sorry don't want to seem like I'm all that or anything for getting an interview..i'm genuinely curious)

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Unfortunately the person who sent that email was an acquaintance of mine, I cannot give you his contact information. Very impressive ECA btw.


I did not get a call, these are my stats:


32 crc John Abbott College Sciences

YMCA Youth program Volunteer

YMCA Y planet program designer and supervisor

Special Aid Tutoring + tutor seminars

John Abbott Student Union Congress member

volunteer for PLQ for the elections



No regrets though, I only decided to go for law 2 semesters ago so I made a big push in the last 5 months in terms of ECA. I had enough crc for what I wanted to do initially ( engineering) so I didn't spend too much time on school either. I'll just have to do an undergrad first then apply again.

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thanks :)

and its okay for the contact i understand...

anyways i hope my interview goes well, but either way i'm studying law next fall so yay for me i guess

haha..what about you, if not mcgill what undergrad are you planning on doing?

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