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re: JD/MBA Q re: GMAT

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of GMAT score you need to get into Rotman? The median?


I've written one after doing the Kaplan GMAT book, which wasn't very good, and I got 590. 41% on the quantitative section!!!


Also, I am taking one year off after completing my bcom, and am hoping to do the joint program in fall 2005, so I don't have any work experience. Is entrance to the joint program likely without the standard 3-5 years MBA programs usually demand? I know they say you don't need WE, but is that really true?


Any help on these questions would be MUCH appreciated





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I got in with a 650 on my GMAT (85th percentile).


My quantitative was 48th percentile. (I thought this might be a nail in my coffin)


My verbal was 98th percentile.


I did not have 3-5 years WE. I had one year managng a health club.




My husband- in the straight MBA at Rotman- had a 600 on his GMAT... (although he had killer WE)




I don't think you're far off. The law school is definitely the high bar. In fact- the people in Rotman admissions told me- if you can get into law, you're almost guaranteed to get into business- as long as your essays and interview go smoothly and you havea decent GMAT. Your GMAT is lower than their median- which is around 670- but you could still get in.


I would consider a rewrite- but you may not even need it.


Hope this helps!





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Thanks for the response!


That score I posted was my practice GMAT score (the kaplan book includes a practice test). I am planning on writing it in early september so I can apply as soon as possible to rotman.


Do you have any recommendations for how to study for this thing?





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Study the same as you would for the LSAT. Do as many questions as possible. The LR and RC questions on the GMAT are not as difficulat as those on the LSAT. The Quant. section is a different story. It's pretty tough. I scored 73% quant 96%verb. (700) even though I am a finance major with course work in calculus, statistics, and other finance courses.




do pleanty of questions and you will be fine. Also, get it right the first time because the GMAT is way more expensive to write than the LSAT.



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Dear JVD,




You seem to be the resident expert regarding this program. Can you offer any additional advice to those who are applying in the next two years? Do you have any employment and salary data regarding the program? Where are the majority of it's graduates currently working?




Thanks for your help







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