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10 reasons not to go to my school.

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4 hours ago, canuckfanatic said:

Hello again!

1. Tuition cost. With a sticker price of $20k/year TRU is a tough sell unless: (a) your goal is to work in BC/AB AND you don't get into a less expensive school, or (b) you're from BC and being close to home > the difference in tuition cost. 

2. I would not recommend attending TRU if your goal is to work on Bay Street. We simply don't have an alumni presence on Bay Street, so it's going to be a serious uphill battle. The largest proportion of TRU students go on to work in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton (because that's where most students are from).

3. TRU's administration (the university admin, not the law faculty admin). The university takes 35% of the faculty's revenue for "overhead". The SLS has asked for an audit every year and haven't gotten one yet. Shaving that down to even 30% would allow the faculty to hire more profs, or fund other initiatives. It's frustrating.

4. Some neighbourhoods of Kamloops are pretty ... let's say "rural". I've seen trucks with confederate flags on them. Recently RCMP broke up an underground "music festival" on the outskirts of town where 200 people showed up in their trucks and motor homes, set up a stage, and broke basically every covid protocol.

5. It's muddy. The city uses sand instead of salt in the winter and the snow turns to brown slush and stays that way all winter. A week of driving = your rear window + license plate are completely covered. Have to wear a suit to school? You're bound to get your shoes + hem of your pants muddy.

6. Career services. Now, I should preface this by saying that the director of career services is wonderful. She's awesome and puts a ton of effort in and makes herself available to students every week. The issue is that she's basically a one-person operation. As a result, most of the CSO resources are tailored towards OCIs. Since most students find jobs outside of OCIs, this is kind of frustrating.

7. Because some specialty areas of law don't have a market in Kamloops (entertainment law, securities law, etc.), the sessional instructors for these classes are flown in on a weekly basis from Vancouver/Calgary. This is a huge expense. A single one of these sessional profs cost the school 2x what a normal prof costs. 

8. Everyone knows everyone. This is a double-edged sword. There's plenty of collegiality, but when you're new to a city and your classmates are the only people you know, it can be rough if you fall out of favour with them. In contrast, if you go to school in your home town then you have friends/family outside of your school circle that you can rely on for company/support.

That's all I can think of right now

Hey Canuck Fanatic, 


I really appreciate you replying in both my threads lol. These are definitely things to think about and thank you for being candid and honest about them. I think I'm still TRU  bound :)

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