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  1. Is anyone familiar with STEP or the TEP designation they give? I am considering becoming a member and would love to know if anyone is familiar with It, considers it useful, et c. Thanks!
  2. Volond_27


    Fair enough but I didn't ever consider wearing a black shirt with a suit at all. I am now curious if it may be OK in some circumstances (i.e. without a solid colour tie).
  3. Volond_27


    And what would that be?
  4. How is this a drawback for Plum? Isn't their whole concept that they allow "personnel decision makers" to account for those "differences in personality" and choose the right employee for their specific position/company? I am not expressing an opinion regarding the usefulness of this software - just trying to see why you think it's a "major drawback" for them. Don't they specifically claim to be able to expose those "personality differences" to potential employers, who can then make correct hiring decisions?
  5. All my friends got them over a month ago. I got a little worried and sent LSUC a message, after which I got the dates within a few hours. This was approximately 3 weeks ago. I would recommend sending them an message.
  6. I don't believe your links work properly. I am using Chrome 49.something and it simply sent me to the filedropper website.
  7. They have both defeated evil villains?
  8. Any tips on how one would cosy up the criminal bar, Hegdis? I don't imagine a non-criminal lawyer should just show up to criminal bar events. I suspect it would look odd.
  9. For LR: Are you familiar with the way questions are usually categorized? Are there particular types of questions where you tend to make mistakes? People rarely have same tendencies to make mistakes in those different categories. I know when I took the test, my problem was parallel reasoning (and I too usually had some time to spare in LR so I always spent it on these questions). If you can isolate where you tend to make mistakes, the extra time may be well spent on these particular questions. Alternatively, as you may or may not know, most difficult questions are usually from 15-22. So it may be best to just double check those (the first method is better though). For RC: it may help to just do one at a time timing yourself to 8-8.5 minutes. With maybe a timer that warns you when there are two minutes left. What you need is to go through enough of them to get a good sense of what 6 minutes feels like and what 8 minutes feels like. Then you can get rid of the fear of running out of time. Generally, your problem is definitely easier to deal with than other people's so you are in a good position already
  10. I faced the same dilemma last year and went the iPad route for battery life and weight as you suggested. I will use my laptop this year. iPad is perfectly fine for taking notes but as bustle mentioned, it is not good for taking organized notes. It is very hard to reformat thm and make a summary. This is not an issue if you are going to use someone els's summaries anyway(very easy in 1L). Many of the courses I am taking this year do not have summaries because the profs are new. So I will have to make my own summaries. Therefore iPad is insufficient. So I would say it depends on whether you wanna make your own summaries or not.
  11. Thanks everyone! This was very helpful.
  12. Hi! I was wondering if any of the upper year students could share their feedback on courses/professors. I am trying to choose whether to take a couple of courses in the Fall or in the Winter term. JICP: Narang or Glenn? Business associations: Adamski or Muniz-Fraticelli common law property: Lametti or Adams or Foster evidence: Grossman or Doug Mitchell If you had any good or bad experience and could share it (perhaps in a PM if you do not feel like doing it publically), it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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