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  1. In my experience this is on the low side if we are talking about the Toronto market.
  2. I have thought about this question quite a bit. I am a K-JD person. Prior to going to law school I traveled, I worked fun summer jobs, I worked office summer jobs and was exposed to many areas of law in those jobs. As a result, I had a good idea of what type of law I wanted to practice. I ended up in that practice area. I think about what I would have done had I taken a break between LS and UG. For me personally, delaying a year would not have mattered one bit... I would still have been in school. Would delaying by 2 years have made a difference? Sure, I may have traveled some more or worked in some other sector, but I have been able to travel plenty since graduating and I already had a fairly good idea of where I wanted to be. Being a K-JD was the right decision for me but it's not for everyone.
  3. I'm responding to this: "Would it be best to try and get experience as an associate for a bit in Ottawa first? Is there an amount of associate level experience that is generally recommended before transferring cities?"
  4. I used to call myself a "baby call"... then I realized that it's not exactly true anymore and stopped. My general advice is.... go to all decent and applicable CPD as you can (that your employer will pay for). You're new so if you ask very basic questions it is relatively still acceptable.
  5. If you want to live in Halifax, why not work in Halifax?
  6. Just from an HR standpoint, it's annoying for someone to reschedule their start date. There are a lot of things that go into onboarding a new employee. 100% things come up that are unavoidable but, if possible, probably a good idea to avoid unless absolutely necessary.
  7. Anything to do with the actual practice of law (classroom only courses).
  8. If you can, go and visit the schools and get a feel for where you fit. Years ago I had to make a choice of which school I would attend and those visits made my choice easy.
  9. Back to the topic... I'm quite happy with my income now but I'm concerned about future earning potential in my chosen area given inflation and housing costs, etc. It was mentioned earlier the importance of living with one's means. This is an excellent statement and something that I have to remind myself of. I'm very lucky to have disposable income and have no desire to screw it up.
  10. If you want a decent answer you will need to provide more details. i.e. area of practice, etc. Without those details, you will have a wide range of answers.
  11. York Undergrad and Osgoode grad. I had no trouble in either program making lasting friendships.
  12. Some firms will also pay for your bar study time which will add up to more than 10 months of pay, so there's that.
  13. Besides ranking the firms ahead of time, print out a schedule and slot interviews in as you go! I cannot stress this enough. The first 20 minutes or so is all about frantically scheduling. To make sure that you don't double book and that you leave enough time to travel between interviews, slot firms in as you go. Made my life a lot easier and avoided calling firms to reschedule.
  14. Law schools are really known for being expensive.So more than others.
  15. I'm assuming you go to McGill? There is no A+, hence why it is not on the Chart i.e. the A is a 4.0, equal to a grade of A+ elsewhere. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/ Do your best and work hard. Good luck.
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