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  1. Chin up. Save your money and work on a plan to get out.
  2. Where can you get a 500 sq ft apartment for $1,000/ month?! That's a bargain!
  3. THIS! Parkdale has historically been highly competitive... as are many of the other clinics at Osgoode. Apply to the clinics that you actually have interest in.
  4. Let's all stop feeding the trolls. 💁‍♀️ Back to the point of this thread. I am getting increasingly frustrated by not being able to move up in my current position - there is nowhere for me to go within the organization except to be my boss. Pay is good, work-life balance is (normally okay).
  5. I just wore pants and avoided this whole issue. No socks, pantyhose or tights. So scandalous! If you're that concerned you can always call and ask them directly.
  6. Does the firm have an office in Toronto? Any chance you can transfer?
  7. Take from this experience and learn two very important lessons (I had to learn these too). 1. Employers are not mind readers. You want to learn something? Ask. I actually made a list of things I wanted to observe or do prior to finishing articling. I shared that with my aticling principal and they made it happen. 2. No one will look after your career prospects better than yourself - absolutely no one. Advocate for yourself. You should ALWAYS be networking, whether or not you have a comfy job that you love because you never know what new opportunities may arise or what will happen with your current place of employment. Firms collapse all the time, even "bay street" giants (though less likely). Get out there, cold call, go for coffees, networking events, etc. You will land on your feet - you just need to put in the work. Take some time to work out or be angry. Once you're finished blowing off some steam, pick yourself up and be as professional as possible. You are looking for a job now and need good references. Good luck.
  8. As long as there are transferable skills between one practice area and another I don't think that the cement ever really "hardens" completely. It will increasingly become more difficult to switch practice areas as the years go on simply because you will have to convince an employer why you want to switch practice areas.
  9. Junior in-house. Usually 40-45 hours per week. I am expected to be on call 24/7 for emergencies. Often writing e-mails or answering short phone calls during evenings/ weekends. This is not included in the 40-45 hours/ week. Recently, I've been putting in many more Sundays than normal but last minute projects/ drafting do crop up.
  10. In my experience this is on the low side if we are talking about the Toronto market.
  11. I have thought about this question quite a bit. I am a K-JD person. Prior to going to law school I traveled, I worked fun summer jobs, I worked office summer jobs and was exposed to many areas of law in those jobs. As a result, I had a good idea of what type of law I wanted to practice. I ended up in that practice area. I think about what I would have done had I taken a break between LS and UG. For me personally, delaying a year would not have mattered one bit... I would still have been in school. Would delaying by 2 years have made a difference? Sure, I may have traveled some more or worked in some other sector, but I have been able to travel plenty since graduating and I already had a fairly good idea of where I wanted to be. Being a K-JD was the right decision for me but it's not for everyone.
  12. I'm responding to this: "Would it be best to try and get experience as an associate for a bit in Ottawa first? Is there an amount of associate level experience that is generally recommended before transferring cities?"
  13. I used to call myself a "baby call"... then I realized that it's not exactly true anymore and stopped. My general advice is.... go to all decent and applicable CPD as you can (that your employer will pay for). You're new so if you ask very basic questions it is relatively still acceptable.
  14. If you want to live in Halifax, why not work in Halifax?
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