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    Harvard minimum LSAT score

    Clicked on it... It's a racist troll account
  2. Having to decide on mode of trial in a week for a trial that is 7 weeks out and I'm newly retained (after comittal to the Supreme Court so it is judge alone v Judge and jury deadline is because of jury summons)
  3. serdog

    Life After the SCC

    off the top of my head I can think of 6 former clerk I know 4 contemporary and 2 sr lawyers 1 Legal Aid lawyer(criminal and appeals) 1 Big Firm Small market lawyer 1 Crown Counsel 1 Human Rights commissoer 1 Litigation lawyer (Smaller specialized firm) 1 large (for the industry) Criminal Defence As a former clerk you can do whatever you want pretty much. What area interest you ? firm does that work ? do this say send a CV if interested ? For exsample if you want to do Aboriginal send JFK a CV. Want to do a criminal? Peck or Greenspan . The only places that may be hard is BigLaw but only because of their way of hiring (OCIs) . As a furture, current or former clerk you can cold call these places
  4. serdog

    Aboriginal applicant

    A 3.3/160+ should be good for a lot of law school for an Aboriginal Applicant.
  5. serdog

    Human/Civil Rights articles!

    Yukon human rights commission is hiring a Articled Student http://yukonhumanrights.ca/jobs.shtml
  6. serdog

    Disclosure of Health Issues

    Yes check and disclose if needed. The Law Society can’t really do too much to you for having a disability if it can be managed but can for not being forcoming or doing what you need to manage it. I had issues with my admission do to my disability (not metal health ) feel free to pm me. Also if you are just starting law school do something I didn’t do talk with disability accommodation people at the law school
  7. serdog

    First Jury Trial

    That is a big killer long rant short the Goverment when for the "quick fix" and will harm accused persons in the long run.
  8. serdog

    Law and Religion essays

    The issue of indigenous Religion Right vs Aboriginal Right and the interplay there of
  9. serdog

    Passive Income For Lawyers

    Here the thing with criminal law sometimes you have time to do the “passive” things some weeks you will work under 40 hours but the next week could be a five day trial and bang it’s 100 hours just dealing with that. Family is an area that a lot of Criminal Lawyer use to “pay the bills” and there are a lot of passive income in that
  10. serdog

    Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    just popping to say it happens. I was here 7 years ago and now just won a jury trial
  11. serdog

    First Jury Trial

    Thank you so much for this . I just ran my first Jury Trial and found this very helpful . I just finished mine last night with the Jury coning back just as the Judge was to order them to the hotel for the night with a not Guilty verdict (crown asked for the jury to be polled don’t know if that is normal ?)
  12. serdog

    Law school entry

    The short answer is the charge will not impact admission to law school, however, there are character and fitness requirements for bar admission. The Bar admission question would likely get into legal advice and no one here can answer if OP wishes an answer they can contact their Law Society or a lawyer licenced in their jurisdiction
  13. How does your Score breakdown? that can be a big issue
  14. serdog

    Environmental Law Centre clinic

    Me too. But it was a few years ago (4)
  15. I agree if you have the time to focus on the LSAT do so! your GPA is stellar and a better LSAT will open up many doors. Even if you are only able to fo up a few points too. That said you will likely get in somewhere with that combo but it seems to me you are leaving points on the table. One more question how are your practice test and how are you studying ?
  16. serdog

    What can a summer criminal law student do?

    Also, a summer student will generally not do what a full Articled Student does although many provinces allow tempory articled students to do so. Finally, a student can, of course, do more under direct supervision
  17. serdog

    Come and going

    I am a bit a strange situation. I have a great shot an awesome non-law job(although I will use alot of lawyer skill and may be able to get the employer to support me maintaining my call) the thing is it is a 3 year term and I am not convicted that I want to leave legal practice. I was wondering if there is any out there that has taken such a position and returned to practice?
  18. serdog

    Oath versus affirmation discussion (spliced)

    There are some studies that indicate that witness who take oath Barr more likely to be believed
  19. serdog

    First time going to court- Need help

    Check how to address the court for example in BC a supreme court Master is Your Honour and Justice is My Lord. I've heard some Justices get mad if you call them your honour this should be in the practice directives. The long and the short for the basic is go to the court website look for practice directives also I understand that some provinces have regional directives so check those. I would also get there a bit early if you have questions ask the clerk before court starts they are in my experience super helpful and nice. And of course, ask your principal or instructing lawyer it's their reasonability to ensure you are ready to go to court but try to look up the basics first (How do I tell if I am before a Judge or a Justice of Peace not what do I call presider)
  20. There is nothing wrong with going low rent . Personally most sole practitioner in my area just use cell phones really a client can 't tell the difference and it gives an option for the urgent late night matters that may come in and I think it's been mention but when you are s sole your are on call 24/7
  21. Another point about Criminal Defence(more so in jurstriction with a staff lawyer model of legal aid )is starting out you may have to do "cut rate" work to gain experience, which is what I'm learning very quickly . In jurstriction with a private bar model I would expect this experience will mainly be gain via legal aid work
  22. Another interesting technicality is that once you are called to the Bar, in Canada, your JD is not your highest degree but rather you have the degree of Barrister at law. Indeed at my convocation, some university dignitaries who had no Phd but were lawyer wore barristers robes on the main questinon I think a JD would be classfied as a 757 on this system(the 2011 Chart) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Standard_Classification_of_Education and would, in any event, be the equal to a MBA-style master but ya we don't have a graduate degree techniclly
  23. I just finished doing 3 week of duty counsel (In my jurisdiction it is "full service" which means I am Brydges counsel as well) and I can say that if you can get duty counsel as a young lawyer who is interested in criminal law DO IT. It is the best learning experience I ever had plus I was in court on 19 consecutive calendar days. I can also say that in learnt how imporant it is to have a "not my problem" zone meaning, for me, is I care about everyone I deal with but here is my advice and what I can do beyond that it not my problem.
  24. serdog

    PLTC study tips

    Hi all, I am a current PLTC student and I am wondering apart from reading the practice materials what tips anyone can share about preparing from the two exams, I already have indexs and am primarily worried about the solicitors
  25. serdog

    Legal Aid Lawyer - AMA

    Any tips for doing overnight call in terms of sleep ? I'm doing this summer and that worries me