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  1. It wasn’t too bad when I took it short answer and multi-choice it open internet so know wear to look
  2. It depend What you do some he lawyer make good money doing primarily agency work or sitting and taking notes in hearing etc
  3. The North is great it hard to build a practice which is why in step out for a bit anyway but you get a chance to do things you would likely never get in a big city (like run a jury trial as led counsel as a 2 year call)
  4. Give them a call they are understanding and there to help Indigenous Law Students
  5. 3.3 is not a outlandishly bad ccgpa and with a 168 lsat you should be fine
  6. Clicked on it... It's a racist troll account
  7. Having to decide on mode of trial in a week for a trial that is 7 weeks out and I'm newly retained (after comittal to the Supreme Court so it is judge alone v Judge and jury deadline is because of jury summons)
  8. off the top of my head I can think of 6 former clerk I know 4 contemporary and 2 sr lawyers 1 Legal Aid lawyer(criminal and appeals) 1 Big Firm Small market lawyer 1 Crown Counsel 1 Human Rights commissoer 1 Litigation lawyer (Smaller specialized firm) 1 large (for the industry) Criminal Defence As a former clerk you can do whatever you want pretty much. What area interest you ? firm does that work ? do this say send a CV if interested ? For exsample if you want to do Aboriginal send JFK a CV. Want to do a criminal? Peck or Greenspan . The only places that may be hard is BigLaw but only because of their way of hiring (OCIs) . As a furture, current or former clerk you can cold call these places
  9. A 3.3/160+ should be good for a lot of law school for an Aboriginal Applicant.
  10. Yukon human rights commission is hiring a Articled Student http://yukonhumanrights.ca/jobs.shtml
  11. Yes check and disclose if needed. The Law Society can’t really do too much to you for having a disability if it can be managed but can for not being forcoming or doing what you need to manage it. I had issues with my admission do to my disability (not metal health ) feel free to pm me. Also if you are just starting law school do something I didn’t do talk with disability accommodation people at the law school
  12. That is a big killer long rant short the Goverment when for the "quick fix" and will harm accused persons in the long run.
  13. The issue of indigenous Religion Right vs Aboriginal Right and the interplay there of
  14. Here the thing with criminal law sometimes you have time to do the “passive” things some weeks you will work under 40 hours but the next week could be a five day trial and bang it’s 100 hours just dealing with that. Family is an area that a lot of Criminal Lawyer use to “pay the bills” and there are a lot of passive income in that
  15. just popping to say it happens. I was here 7 years ago and now just won a jury trial
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