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  1. Glad to see my thread is alive and well! If anyone is interested, we should get some of us solo solicitors on a Zoom call.
  2. Damn this thread has been taken for a ride. Props to the OP for still thinking about hiring in this climate though.
  3. I think 50k for articling is reasonable.
  4. real estate deals are still happening, some contracts were signed back in 2019. various lenders are getting a bit anxious and demanding new appraisals though.
  5. I think this is a confusion of reported salaries/income vs. actual wealth. I highly doubt that if one looked at overall wealth, big law partners are up in the 1-2% range. I pay 6 figures in taxes, and I do not feel wealthy at all even outside the GTA.
  6. Given the cost of living in the GTA region, I don't think even with a "Big Law Partner" will offer a truly "rich/wealthy" experience.
  7. This is AWESOME! Congrats! I am so glad this thread helped.
  8. I took it in late January when everything was super slow. I don't think it is a problem as long as you ask in advance.
  9. Not true. Canadians with JDs can get TN visas. Maybe lower T14 is gamble, but CCNMVP vs U of T, the former might be better choice at this price.
  10. Solicitor's market in GTA is not bad for a 2-3 year call.
  11. Conveyancer is getting upgrade to Unity in the next few month I believe, it will be cloud-based,so you don't need to set up a server in the office to make sure every computer has Conveyancer. I think it's going to be great.
  12. You absolutely need to sign ALL trust cheques yourself..... I do more than 800 deals a year and I am not too busy to sign my own cheques. You can manage high volume closing days in advance. Once you have the SOA, I suggest you print out the cheques (you can set up easy ways to print out cheques using Quickbooks or something), and organize closing packages before you even get funds. This way once you are in funds, you can get the runner/courier to go immediately. Unless you are in a smaller centre, I don't see why you need to write multiple cheques for purchase transactions. In the GTA, most Lawyers accept direct deposit or wire. Further if you are on FCT's easyfund/payout platform, you get to do transfers without using certified cheques. For sales, we almost exclusively use FCT's payout platform, you don't have to leave the office or do any cheques. FCT help you payout the mortgages and directly deposit to your client's account.
  13. This was back in 2014, but 30ish lawyer firm paid approximately 52k + small year end bonus.
  14. I am with TD, and you can have delegate cards with limited access (for example, I have two that only can deposit and certify cheques). Perhaps call the regional small business rep? They might be able to look into this for you. Depending on your location I might know someone Scotia who can help, PM me your location if you like.
  15. It definitely depends on location in St. Catherines. In a decent/good neighborhood, it's more like 600-800k.
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