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  1. Not true. Canadians with JDs can get TN visas. Maybe lower T14 is gamble, but CCNMVP vs U of T, the former might be better choice at this price.
  2. Solicitor's market in GTA is not bad for a 2-3 year call.
  3. Conveyancer is getting upgrade to Unity in the next few month I believe, it will be cloud-based,so you don't need to set up a server in the office to make sure every computer has Conveyancer. I think it's going to be great.
  4. You absolutely need to sign ALL trust cheques yourself..... I do more than 800 deals a year and I am not too busy to sign my own cheques. You can manage high volume closing days in advance. Once you have the SOA, I suggest you print out the cheques (you can set up easy ways to print out cheques using Quickbooks or something), and organize closing packages before you even get funds. This way once you are in funds, you can get the runner/courier to go immediately. Unless you are in a smaller centre, I don't see why you need to write multiple cheques for purchase transactions. In the GTA, most Lawyers accept direct deposit or wire. Further if you are on FCT's easyfund/payout platform, you get to do transfers without using certified cheques. For sales, we almost exclusively use FCT's payout platform, you don't have to leave the office or do any cheques. FCT help you payout the mortgages and directly deposit to your client's account.
  5. This was back in 2014, but 30ish lawyer firm paid approximately 52k + small year end bonus.
  6. I am with TD, and you can have delegate cards with limited access (for example, I have two that only can deposit and certify cheques). Perhaps call the regional small business rep? They might be able to look into this for you. Depending on your location I might know someone Scotia who can help, PM me your location if you like.
  7. It definitely depends on location in St. Catherines. In a decent/good neighborhood, it's more like 600-800k.
  8. Solicitor's side: BMO calls our office to send someone to pick up commercial mortgage in the form of a bank draft in a local branch at 4:15. Unfortunately that specific branch closed at 4 pm. Helplessly knock on BMO's door but no one answers. truly a feels bad man moment.....
  9. This is pure anecdotal, but I was contacted recently by recruiters looking to fill associate/senior associate jobs in Calgary/Edmonton. This is more for solicitor's side of work.
  10. That's pretty much what I did, I don't see a problem as long as you have access to a good support network/mentors.
  11. Clio is great. I can't say enough good things about how much more efficient it is. My Office Manager and other clerks love it. My old firm used Pro Law on the Solicitor's side, and it was terrible. Clio has a lot of useful plugins. We use Gmail and Google Apps for collab in office (we pay the premium Gmail and Google Drive which is great for backup and working from home), and any email that comes in we can just file it to a clio automatically (quick click and drop into the corresponding opened file). We also use Clio to automate Retainer, and other standard docs. If only Conveyancer automated docs like Clio...... I am pretty tech savy, so I did most of the set up on my own. Having said, it's pretty easy, and they have tons of videos on youtube to show you how to set it up. Recently they updated a few things in the interface, I had a staff train with a rep from Clio. I believe when we signed up with was 59 per Lawyer. I think with Conveyancer going cloud based soon and Clio, it would be a great set up. I am hoping Clio sets up some sort of plugin for Conveyancer.
  12. It's not too bad, I am on very good terms with the Lawyers at my old firm (especially the young associates), we meet regularly for drinks. Networking is also a huge part of my days to obtain new business, so I do spend a lot of time with other professionals (bankers, agents, business owners, etc.). I firmly believe there are tons of good work out there, and Lawyers need to do a much better job at selling our services.
  13. I am still around lurking the forums occasionally. I have now moved into a new office building, and expanded to 7 staff in total. Looking for an associate but the search is a pain. I need to have another lawyer on board so I can take more vacations.
  14. Yes and No. I was a straight K-JD student but I was always interested in real estate. I have family members who are involved in commercial estate and developer work (Although not in the same city). I started doing alot of work during law school for various agents, brokers, and lawyers.
  15. 5-6 lawyer firm in my own office building.
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