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  1. Buying real estate in 2015/2016.
  2. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-power-gap-law/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-female-partners-earn-less-than-male-colleagues-at-big-law-firm/ Please delete/move if these were posted in another section. The findings are not surprising and deserve a discussion. I have experience only at a mid-sized firm, but earning was specifically a taboo topic that everyone avoided.
  3. Cook Street Village is in a good location. Definitely still walkable to Downtown, it is also very bikeable to Campus. As others have mentioned that many Strata have rules against pets/rentals/etc, make sure you consider: 1. Whether your pets are allowed in the Strata 2. Whether Rentals are allowed? IMO re-sale value for rental allowed buildings are generally higher. 3. Leaky Condo/Remediation.
  4. I definitely know lawyers who let their clerks/assistant docket - do not recommend this, it is a slippery slope. I like the tracker on Clio, simple and useful.
  5. I am tempted to increase fee to that point, but fear a back clash. Are you in the GTA or a smaller center?
  6. Very disappointing given how much Unity has been down last year. How much do yall charge for a typical purchase with one mortgage?
  7. Outside of GTA, Midsized firms bonuses are usually around 10-20%. My experience has been that there are two targets (one targets for the min. hours billed, and one target for getting the bonus). Usually paid in February.
  8. Meridian is a killer level of time consuming, but apparently they have good rates. Also Assyst is a money grab - the fees adds up.
  9. That sounds like a fun day! We had a few cases where people were legit fighting over things that are legit $150-200 dollars on a $2-3 million purchase. Do you charge a premium for purchases who go with B/C lenders? They are the worst for closing day shenanigans
  10. I had this too, back in April we saw a huge drop in work, and was worried for a second....
  11. The record I have heard is 105+ per day for a 2 lawyer shop (I am sure yall all ran into them, office in North York lol)
  12. Builder's Sales work is a different beast - the work itself (the transaction of the residential property) is easy but the front work is a bit more difficult and time consuming. It is unlikely a builder/developer will hire a lawyer (solo or small firm) just for the transaction of the completed properties. You get the client usually at the earlier stages sometimes even before the site plan is approved. But yes, on closing date, typically we are just reviewing the Purchaser's executed docs, check funds, sign off the transfer (our practice is that the night before, we review all the transferee and sign for completeness, but the difficulty is that there is always going to be the Purchaser's Solicitor that leaves it to the last minute and needs to change something). Certain regions/cities/municipalities require consent on these transfers which make it worse. Bad staff is a killer to any volume business - I have to emphasize the need to train staff well including associate lawyers. I have interviewed many great candidates but may not be the right fit for a volume solicitor's practice (a combination of good time management, organizational skill and keen ability to pay attention to the small details). Residential Purchases is a land mine - I wouldn't recommend more than 10 deals a day for a single lawyer to handle. *EDIT my office staff (Real Estate Side): 4 full time clerks + 1 associate lawyer
  13. It is possible if you plan ahead and is organized. Most of our builder's deals are pretty well organized where we upload to Do Process portal. Having an associate now also helps.
  14. tell me about it. today was a record for myself - 36 deals.
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