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    it couldn't hurt, at least you've made your intentions salient to them i know that UBC specifically does not close your account if you accept elsewhere (i asked elaine borthwick that question 2 months ago) good luck!
  2. the waitlist position will move up one after Friday....even though im in the joint SFU MA/UBC LLB prog, im doing my MA first, so i won't be attending for two years yet...hope someone enjoys my spot!
  3. Hey all, At UBC Law Day, they said we should be hearing by the end of the month if we are offered any scholarships... has anyone heard from them yet?
  4. carrollb123

    deferrals at UBC?

    I hope someone out there knows a bit about the deferral process at UBC. This is a real stretch, but i need UBC to defer my acceptance for 2 years.....i got into the joint MA in Forensic Experimental Psych @ SFU and LLB @ UBC, but it's a little less "joint" than it sounds (meaning acceptance at one does not mean accpetance into the other, just like Ottawa's NPSIA). Normally I would have accepted at UBC in a heartbeat, but doing both will really help me realize my career plans. Plus, I was one of only 5 out of 115 that got into the program and the only one who got into the experimental side this year. UBC will still be there in 2 years, but judging by the amount of people who apply vs those who get in, it's highly doubtful that the opportunity of getting into the MA prog at SFU will be pose itself again. On the other hand, I worry that the caliber of applicants will rise high enough in the next two years that I won't be able to get into UBC Law, plus I'll have to reapply, spend another $80 or more on application fees when I had already been accepted, and reexperience the hell that is waiting for law school acceptances all over again. Not to whine about it or anything.... ....plus, if you're waiting, me not going next year will put you one step closer to UBC Law in September. Ultimately, I am going to make an appointment with Elaine Borthwick to see what my options are this week, but in the meantime, what are the chances that I would be able to get a deferral at all, much less one for two years? I am 100% going to go to law school after my MA, without question, but things would be a lot simpler if I were to know that I definitely had a place at UBC Law starting Sept 2007. Any advice about/experiences with deferrals would be hugely appreciated, thank you!
  5. i just got a message on my machine, it was too late to call them back before easter weekend....ill let you know if i receive one though!
  6. hey all, i got a call from U of Manitoba today for acceptance...i won't be accepting there, but i just wanted to let everyone know that the acceptances are on the way!
  7. im in! havent received the letter yet, but i had emailed a week ago about an unrelated matter and they replied with the addition that i had been accepted...hopefully the package will be there when i get home from school! also, i got into SFU for the forensic psych MA, so im in the joint prog......this is the best day ever!
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    i think the kicker for me was that i didnt mention why ottawa was the school for me.....im not overly concerned though since its not in my top three, just wanted people to know about the waitlist deadlines to accept are rapidly approaching, so im sure some spots will open up very soon for you all
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    stats - ~3.9 GPA, LSAT 160 all it said was that there are more applicants than spaces, but i was on a waitlist....no mention of what number here's what it said: "We are presently unable to offer you admission to the Baccalaureate in Laws (LL.B.), since the number of applications received from qualified applicants exceeds the number of available spaces. Your name has been placed on a waiting list, as there are usually a few candidates who do not actually register." Edited by: carrollb123 at: 3/23/05 7:22 pm
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    just found out that i was waitlisted today....but its better than an outright refusal! anyone else in the same boat?
  11. carrollb123

    in :)

    congrats KC4, you deserve it! just wanted to give an update... i received an entrance scholaship from USask, it says the minimum ill receive is $3000 ....so scholarships are in existence over $1000 unfortunately i gave up my spot since the deadline (March 10th!) was too soon, so i hope someone else will be getting that scholarship letter in the mail soon!
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    (wrong thread, sorry!) Edited by: carrollb123 at: 3/16/05 1:39 am
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    Accepting and Turning Down Offers...

    I talked to Elaine Borthwick at UBC recently and she said that accepting at another school does not result in your file at UBC being closed.
  14. carrollb123

    in :)

    oh to be a saskatchewan resident.... im only hopeful because i gave the dean of admissions my stats and he said that id have a very good chance of getting one
  15. carrollb123

    in :)

    KC4, not sure yet, it depends on whether they want to give me a scholarship or not i know enough to know that i dont know what kind of law that i want to do, so im not partial to any school that specialises in anything in particular at the moment......however, my cousin just graduated from USask, and he really enjoyed his time there, as did his friend i talked to who graduated with him....his friend was going do the go-one-year-then-transfer-to-UBC thing, but he said that after he had completed his first year that he wouldn't have dreamed of coming to UBC so im thinking about it what about you?