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  1. You guys just depressed the shit out of me.
  2. A variation on the made-to-measure theme is to buy your own bolt of fabric and give it to a tailor who will then make your suit. Fancy-types do that frequently to save a bit on the up-charge with fancy, expensive fabrics. So you may save a buck, and ensure the material is exactly something you can be comfortable with. I've heard good things about Sultan's Fine Fabrics, but never been there myself.
  3. Maybe it's pronounced Slav-ies. Maybe they have a lot of hard-working Eastern Europeans over there. WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE??
  4. I agree best step is to feel it out, talk to your principal/other students at your firm, etc. That's funny, my experience/advice is the opposite of providence's (in fact I wrote the paragraph below before I read what she wrote). I would say it's a bad time to take time off when other lawyers are in the office and busy, because that's when they need you to do stuff for them. It is better to take time off when they're also off because you don't have to be available to do their work. Generally though, fall is a baaad time to take vacation (at least in civil litigation -- not sure how solicitor and criminal work ebbs and flows). A good time is Christmas time. Last week (or 2) of December and maybe first week of January are slow as hell. People tend to take vacation around now, the courts are closed, etc. (On the flip side, you can save your vacation and slack off during the last 2 weeks of Dec. when no one's there or leisurely catch up on work, but you didn't hear that from me hehe.) Spring can get busy, especially Mid-Jan to May, but YMMV. A lot of lawyers take their main vacations around Christmas and then in July or August, before the big fall push. Edit: I agree 2 weeks straight is a bad look. I think you'll feel like taking all 10 days in general is a bad look -- i certainly did (i only took 2 days in total) -- but not so. Take all 10 days if you want and if you won't fall behind on work. Or you can take it and the end of your articles and finish early. And as providence mentioned, whatever you don't take you'll get paid out for it.
  5. I prefer posting "Feel cute, might delete later" photos.
  6. For my money, the best-dressed classic menswear guy I can think of is this random instagram/styleforum fella, instagram name tweedyprof. (I believe he's a professor of psychology on the east coast in the US somewhere, though beyond that he's anonymous.) He posts mostly up-close below-the-neck photos of his sportcoat/tie/pocket square combo, but good lordt if it doesn't floor me every time. He incorporates insane colour, patterns and texture into his outfits but never takes it too far. He knows when to stop, and it just looks tasteful, harmonious and fantastic every time. (also, E.G. Cappelli and Drake's for daysssssss)
  7. lmao I know both of them. The rub and tug article was way more interesting. edit: also what the hell was that article for? Tune in next week where the author recounts how I saved 89 cents on canned tuna at Shopper's.
  8. haha they're like olympic weightlifting oxfords.
  9. Not my screwup, but hilarious nonetheless: In Schmor Estate v Weber, 2010 ONSC 586, Brown J wrote:
  10. How so? 1 hour = 60 minutes. Time is docketed in 0.1 increments, where 0.1 = 6 minutes. Anything up to 6 minutes = .1. so 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3, minutes, etc. up to 6 minutes = 0.1 docketed. I work 60 minutes, I bill 1 unit. I work 58 minutes, I bill 1 unit. I work 54 minutes, I bill 0.9 units. That's how the billing system works. U don't docket 0.09 units for 5 minutes.
  11. This is true. I always bill way more on days when I'm only working on one or two things because I waste a lot of time transitioning between assignments (usually ahem...wasting time cleansing the legal palette between tasks). However -- as a side observation -- (and I'm not at that point yet, but I notice it with some senior associates), you can still rack up a lot of billable time in one day doing a lot of .1 work because you're rounding up (at least, my firm rounds up). So say I send 3 emails on 3 files that combined take me 1 minute each. I've done 3 minutes of real time work, but I billed 0.3, which is 18 minutes. So the round up can add quite a bit to your total when there're enough items on that day's docket. Also, in litigation, you can rack up a fair amount of billable time on discoveries, which often do not involve that much work (though often they do!), but where the clock just runs until you're done, and that may include travel time and (sometimes multiple) breaks as well. Not to mention the client reporting letters, which are fairly mind-numbing to draft but which can also take a while. Anyway, at my firm: downtown Toronto boutique litigation firm, 1600 billable target. There is no non-billable target.
  12. Lawl

    Suits For Men

    For shirts, Spier & Mackay. Go there and don't look back. For $250 you can get about 4-5 shirts that, for the quality, might individually cost $150 at Harry Rosen. They're great. They have a store/warehouse in Mississauga and a flagship store downtown on Toronto St. There have been issues in the past, but I think that's taken care of (i remember there was a problem with shirt sleeve variation up to ~1 inch on the same collar size, and I have a shirt that proves it). Charles Tyrwhitt is good. I would take SM because a) you can try it on (if you're in Toronto); b) no duties to pay if ordering online; c) better shirt quality -- though CT is a good workhorse shirt, just like the SM ones. If you're very patient, you can hit up the Harry Rosen outlet in Mississauga or in Vaughan and you can find extra-markdowns such that you'll get a Canali or Eton shirt for $59.99 or something (and the occasional mega-markdown on like an Isaia or some other crazy expensive Italian brand), but it takes time to get the best deals, and then sizes will be limited, and you have to be in Toronto (or BC -- I think those are the only two places with Harry Rosen outlets). If you sign up for the Harry Rosen outlet newsletter they'll also let you know what main deals they have at any given time (they rotate deals every few weeks or so). Edit: I have not used propercloth, but I heard good things. Edit 2: On Charles Tyrwhitt -- they've been using the same marketing gimmick for years now: year-round sales so that you think you're getting a deal. The sale price is really just the actual price at this point.
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