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  1. Lower courts will make interview offers before the SCC, but they usually won't make actual clerkship offers before the SCC. I'm not sure interview offers from other courts mean anything for whether SCC interview offers have gone out, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. My understanding is that 4 Hs and 3 HHs was sufficient in 1L last year.
  3. I went on exchange for a full year and (although I only applied to Ontario schools), they requested to see my transcripts from abroad, although I did not have to have them converted. From what I understood, my exchange grades were not factored into my GPA, but schools could see them and consider them. A representative from U of T told me that a 2:1 was perfectly fine and I got into all my schools, even though my grades on exchange were slightly lower than in Canada.
  4. Also in as well. Good luck to all those still waiting, I'm sure you'll hear soon too!
  5. Totally agreed about the UT Welcome email. Nearly had a heart attack!
  6. My apologies, I wasn't trying to breach confidentiality. I know other people had posted the welcome day's for their schools, so I was curious as to if U of T's was around a similar time.
  7. If you don't mind me asking, when exactly is the welcome day?
  8. I'm feeling the same way LouisTowel. I don't think I'm all numbers, but those are probably the strongest features of my application. Hopefully we'll hear soon too!
  9. Because I'm a little lot obsessive, I called the admissions office and it looks like we'll be waiting until the new year. Good luck everyone and enjoy the break!
  10. Mhm, I received a confirmation from Queen's several weeks ago. Maybe call and just check that they got it fine?
  11. I just got the email now and figured I would start the thread! Good luck to all those still waiting!
  12. Just got the email! Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  13. I was just wondering if they might want to wait a bit because they only have two years worth of grades for a GPA.
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