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  1. Not likely to improve in BC since there's no real reason for it to do so ... but I guess if you think the situation's so dismal - all you can do is go up!
  2. I don't want to reveal too much but what happened to me strained my relationship with my girlfriend, put me in financial dire straits, and ruined my 1L experience. The worst part is I was blamed when it clearly was not my fault. No one was willing to even acknowledge the mistake and take responsibility. Believe me, this is all despite doing everything I could to ensure things went smoothly. Yes I'm bitter so I'm not the best person to be dishing out advice on this school. I just don't want anyone to go through this - the scary (or reassuring) thing is that I've heard of similar accounts from other students both past and present. I just hope thing are changing or have changed.
  3. FINALLY, someone else sees how bad UBC truly is! It's true, the market in BC may change for the better in the next few years. But I wouldn't take the chance of getting shafted by UBC if I wanted to work in BC/AB. UVic and UofA have much better placement rates and more dedicated staff in Career Services to help. It's true that you have to get out there, network, and make a name for yourself. But believe me, when trying to secure jobs whether in the summer or for articles, the help you get from the staff in the CDO makes all the difference.
  4. katie?! why are you going to law school? but you're completely right about jobs after UBC law. it's pitiful really. they screwed me over major after 1L so i can understand your frustration. go to a different school!
  5. wow. hopefully the increased tuition will translate into some real improvements.
  6. It couldn't hurt to apply Cross Examiner. Besides, at least it's not as expensive as OLSAS! Good luck!
  7. Yo CE, check this out www.law.uvic.ca/Admission..._dates.php lio.
  8. Ditto. Lionel my boy, why are you ruining my namesake? Give it a rest!
  9. This is in response to Lakusta's post. It's true, UBC has a beautiful campus - even at the end of January, it's still amazing because the weather is great still (well besides the rain). But the law community is not so hot. The fact is it's a commuter school and that doesn't translate well into a sense of school community.
  10. I think you have the best chances at Western and Queen's given your last 2 year gpa is pretty high. Good luck.
  11. I think either would look good. Being at one place is definitely not bad since it shows your commitment to that cause. And if you volunteer at several places, it shows that you have varied interests. Either way, its benefiting you and the people you help - and law adcoms will probably view them both in a good light.
  12. Hey swmel, I felt like that in 1L as well. For me it was the whole law school culture that I wasn't used to. All the gung-ho people in my class drove me nuts. And my small group was filled with a bunch of twits and pricks. The profs didn't excite and make the dry material interesting. I'd have to say that first year law is pretty boring. BUT after I transferred schools everything is much better. The courework does get better in 2L. And for me at least, the environment is much more suited to my liking which gives me a little more motivation while I'm in school. If I were you, I'd consider transferring. But I'd definitely also consider what dulfun said and talk to some upper years. They'd certainly have some more insight. And yes, you should consider what you'd be doing in place of being a law student. If you were to work, what kind of job/money/conditions could you assume? If you were to switch programs, to what? Anyways, I understand what you're going through and believe me it's fairly common.
  13. I didn't mean to disparage you with my post. It's just that if your not sure what you want to do, don't just jump into law. Try speaking to lawyers/phds instead of posting on a forum full of pre-law/law students.
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