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  1. Great work! I'd say you have a shot at both schools. Are you a resident of NS, PEI or NL? That would give you a boost for Dal. Also consider UNB. I'd apply broadly to schools within that range. I'd also consider a re-write. I took two LSAT sittings before I was comfortable with my score.
  2. conge

    Career advice for 2nd year associate?

    Sounds like the firm isn't being managed properly; they may be great lawyers but their firm management is shit. My next suggestion would have been to just push for the ability to take work from others, but it's not worth investing in such a place. Good luck with the job search!
  3. conge

    Career advice for 2nd year associate?

    Life's too short to be unhappy at work; this partner sucks, but you are responsible for your own happiness, so here is what I would do (if I were you): Start letting it be known that you're unhappy and you're considering leaving; tell it to your friends and to the HR person/associate coordinator/partners who care about you. Start reducing the work you take from said partner and seeking out work from ppl you like. You can't drop things you are working on now, but don't take anything new from him. If nothing changes, leave when you have another position lined up (no one will be surprised and you will not have burned any bridges). If the toxic partner torpedoes your career at the firm, and it works, then it's a shitty firm (or at least a poorly managed firm), and you don't want to work there. Best case scenario, I think, is that you successfully transition away from this person, you start building a practice you like, and you stay at a firm that pays you well and gives you meaningful experience. Start tomorrow.
  4. I think that is true of pretty much any alumnus connection, especially when we're talking about, for example, small liberal arts universities on the east coast, but they are definitely not the elite schools of Canada.
  5. I know some ppl that went there. They're all smart, successful, engaged ppl. I gather from that anecdotal evidence that it's a good school. (One person was very successful in law school, and is currently successfully navigating "big law" at a international firm; so even if it's "lower tier" it clearly did not affect her employment outcomes. ) But, in any case, I've never run across a school in Canada that I would consider "lower tier" - it's just not a helpful label when we don't have tiers in the first place .
  6. Just pointing out that SFU was labelled as "lower tier" in this thread by another user, which I thought was kind of funny in light of the original post and your username. Obviously SFU is a good school. For my part, I don't think there are any "lower tier" schools in Canada, and I find this whole topic stupid.
  7. May I ask what the "lower tier" undergrad universities are? In my limited experience, no one cares about your undergrad; typically, it doesn't even come up in real life unless (i) two ppl went to the same school or (ii) someone went to an obviously very prestigious school. But most ppl just don't talk about it. I work with two Oxford grads in a relatively small legal group and I'm not sure many ppl know or care.
  8. A million years ago, when I wrote the LSAT, it was in the Rowe building, and it was in a large lecture hall on the first floor. It'll be hard to miss all the nervous ppl milling around looking for where they should be. I bet if you show up you'll figure it out.
  9. Impossible to say without an actual LSAT score. But consider that 153 isn't generally a competitive score and I think (for most ppl) actual test scores drop somewhat from practice scores.
  10. conge

    Taking a year off after law school

    Speaking from personal experience, you should take the time off.
  11. conge

    Work hours in big law

    This matches my experience.
  12. conge

    What would YOU do?

    There's not much you can do about GPA at this point, unless you want to make some drastic changes. I'd concentrate on re-writing LSAT so that you could be competitive at several schools. Osgoode is a fine school, but there are many fine schools in Canada that could suit your needs. Also, don't do Windsor dual program. It's way too expensive.
  13. conge

    Should I go to law school in the US?

    I would first get an LSAT score, and then reassess the situation. Any decision you make now could be overridden by a really high (or low) score. When you have score in hand, then you'll have some decisions to make.
  14. I'm not weighing in on the rightness or wrongness of it, but in my experience articling students do not typically take vacations or extended periods of time off, like you would in normal employment relationships. YMMV based on your firm.