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  1. I can't imagine why Eastern Canada would be underrepresented. /s 🙄🙂
  2. I am posting from Atlantic Canada! I DM'd with OP, the position is not in Toronto! For obvious reasons, this board is Toronto-centric, but there is more to the Canadian legal market than Bay Street.
  3. Socialist fishing village. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20d1g6O6Fog 1:50 mark because I can't get the time stamp to work.
  4. So I guess the unsaid assumption is that there are no tech companies in Atlantic Canada. SMH. BTW, the position is not in TO.
  5. TO, right? That would be a bit high for Atlantic Canada.
  6. I wouldn't give up. But figure out your plan for the NCAs. Note that an LLM won't replace the NCAs. Did you go to a school with a name that people will recognize? If so, may open more doors than an relatively unknown school.
  7. It's not impossible but it's an uphill battle. My impressions is that, unless you have someone in your corner at a firm, they won't look at you until you complete the NCAs and can actually start articling, so I would hammer out a plan for the NCAs ASAP so that any firm you do approach knows your plan and timeline. I'm sure you can find a law firm that will take advantage of your offer to volunteer your time, but I don't know if that is the best use of time. Where did you get your LLB? A "household name" may open more doors.
  8. True. Pandemic changes things; expectations may be different. I guess the point is do something productive.
  9. I don't intend to be dismissive, but I do want to get straight to the point: everything about this plan screams "bad idea".
  10. A job in law? No. But having not job at all would probably be bad.
  11. Ugh. This reminds me of my articling year. Constantly trying to interpret everything and successfully navigate the firm politics, which you know very little about. I don't have much helpful advice, except to say that I was so neurotic during articles that I would have jumped at an opportunity like that, unless I absolutely hated the practice area. A bird in the hand...
  12. I think if the firm likes you, if they think they will lose you if they don't transfer you, and the other office needs/wants you, then that sort of transfer is possible. Is that all going to line up between one summer and articling? Maybe. But generally I've seen that sort of move done after a few years of practise because the person is moving to be with family, a spouse, etc. If you tell you home office "I just don't want to be here, can I go to Toronto?", I suspect the firm will not be happy. Summer students sometimes spend a summer or few months in another office, but my impressions is that, for articling and practise, they are looking at locking people down so they can train them and make them profit as soon as possible.
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