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  1. For all students out there who are deciding on where to go to law school, I can confidently say: don’t go to U of T Law. As a student at U of T Law right now, the blatant disregard for students is both shocking and repulsive. In the latest array of poor decisions, the administration has decided to censor students during graduation. After three hard years of work (for some of us, four!), we are being denied the opportunity to share both the triumphs and struggles with our parents and loved ones. Traditionally, graduation involves a valedictorian speech. In 2016, there was a very brave address made by two co-valedictorians who rightly criticized the administration for the lack of accessibility to legal education due to rising tuition and the need to focus on mental health. Breaking with tradition, the administration decided not to upload this speech because of “technical glitches.” See the video here uploaded by a student: In 2015, another brave student in her valedictorian address discussed a classmate who died by suicide. The administration decided to completely edit this section out. See this video here (around the 29:10 mark): Now, in 2017, the administration has decided to do away with the valedictorian speech during convocation. Instead, it has been relegated to a closed door celebratory lunch only for students, faculty and administration literally the day after exams end. This is retribution for criticizing the administration publicly in front of parents during years past. I pay almost $35,000 a year and, at minimum, expected to be treated with respect. Not allowing us students who are literally funding the salaries of the administration to speak about both the good and bad over three years of education is a slap in the face. My advice? Don’t go to U of T Law. The administration does not care about the students.
  2. Goldblatt and Cavalluzzo interview decisions are out.
  3. Anyone hear back from Cavalluzzo or Goldblatt about an interview?
  4. Is there a courtesy rejection email once all the spots have been filled? I know people can sit on offers until 4pm
  5. Any ITCs from ministries who didn't do OCIs?
  6. Hello all, I applied to the MOL but I know they aren't doing OCIs. Any idea on the timeline for expecting responses from them or when interviews will be scheduled for? Thanks~
  7. How is Sanderson for property? He is my small group professor, so I'd love some insight!
  8. I definitely feel the exact same way! I have started my "goodbyes" as I am leaving to another city as well and I can't help but think, "Will this really be worth it?" I feel like this is normal, even moreso for those of us who are relocating for law school because it ends up being so many changes all at once. It may not even be the law school part that scares you (as it is for me), but the reality that you are moving to a city where you don't know anyone and you're living on your own for the first time. It is a lot to take in. I think it is important to realize that you had a reason (or multiple reasons) as to why you applied to and ultimately decided to attend law school. They most likely still carry weight today. You shouldn't let your fears stand in the way of your future!
  9. Did you already get your schedule?
  10. Very, very similar stats to when I applied this year (3.60 cGPA and 3.75 L2). Know that Osgoode is cGPA focused so your L2 isn't considered except for maybe the upward trend factor. I got in with a 163, but! I worked really hard on my ECs (clubs, volunteering, research, work, study abroad, languages). I also made my PS kickass. What you need is highly contingent on these other factors. I would say if everything else is average (PS, LORs, ECs), a 165+ should do it.
  11. What is your GPA? Out of how many courses (I.e. how much of an impact will summer courses really have)? Where are you looking to apply to? What are your softs like? How much effort did you put into your PS? I know you are looking for advice about reapplying but we need a full picture of you as an applicant before we can really be helpful.
  12. I don't mind talking about them in broad terms! Hopefully this will help future applicants who are applying as a long shot like I was =P Extra Curriculars: Pretty run of the mill, if I'm being honest. I've volunteered at a few places, worked on campus for three years part time (two years in the non-profit sector), and am in my final year of my undergrad after going straight to university out of high school. I also did Model UN, like every other applicant it seems. I did do a couple months abroad as in intern. I also studied abroad (not sure if that counts). Life Experiences: Like I said, I'm pretty run of the mill. I don't have any significant life experiences (i.e. a refugee, mature student, etc.) to really speak about. I am a part of a minor religious group, which I spoke about in my optional essay, but I doubt it is what set me apart. My name sounds foreign, so there is that as well...? Personal Statement: This wasn't my golden ticket. It was a personal statement I had written for basically every other law school, just "tailored" to the UofT. I talked about my interest in international law, their JD/MGA program, and how I learned and grew as a person from my different extra curricular experiences. Optional Essay #1: If I am being completely honest, I think this is what hit the home run for me. I only applied to UofT because my parents pushed me to. I knew I had no shot with my stats. So I decided, what the heck? I'm going to do what I want with this optional essay. It was all about my experiences learning languages. Not a thrilling topic to most, I know. But this is the hard part to explain (and probably the most important part) - I poured my heart and soul into that essay. It was literally just my raw emotions and feelings as I knew them to be during that experience. The frustrations, the joyous moments, the wonder... I told my story how I wanted to tell it - no formulas, no BS. I really wrote from my heart about something that was important to me. To date, no one besides myself or the admissions committee has read it. There were elements in there that people who looked over my personal statement told me to cut from my PS. I guess the take home message is: really, truly put yourself out there in the optional essay if you are a "long shot" applicant. You can play it safe with your personal statement. I hope that answers the mystery of how I managed to get in with the stats I have
  13. Got the rejection notice earlier today. Everything was great except for my French skills. I bombed the French interview - the questions were considerably harder than what I was expecting. They explicitly told me so in my rejection letter. 163 LSAT 3.67~ cGPA It's okay! I got offers from Osgoode and Toronto on the table. Good luck to those still waiting.
  14. Holy moly- got the phone call a few hours ago! Still can't believe it. stats: 163, 3.55 B3 (if they didn't count my courses from fall semester, 3.6 if they did) It was all my personal statement it seems since my stats are quite below their medians.
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