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  1. The admissions office is on vacation until the 8th. I'd be surprised if we hear before then. That said, I just submitted the last of my materials today on deadline day. We'll see how that pans out for me. >_<
  2. Has your law school's career office given you any useful feedback?
  3. Any specific fabric that one should be going for in a navy suit for OCI's?
  4. Try to get a competitive L2 and some life experience... as it stands now, your only shot at a Canadian school is going to be through a mature category, I think.
  5. True yeah. I dont know the OPs stats, I'm just saying it has happened. The other guy said definitely not.
  6. Got the same email, stats are in my previous posts. Also waitlisted @ TRU.
  7. Good advice. Alright, I guess I'll plug in 1k to be on the safe side and see if they pay that out.
  8. How much does a 1L typically fork out on books for the year? I'm applying for student loans for the first time and have no idea what sort of expected costs on books I should be plugging into my application.
  9. I'm going on a big adventure from southern Mexico down to Nicaragua.
  10. I can hardly believe that I finally get to post in one of these threads. Its been a 10 year journey with a lot of struggle and sacrifice. Accepted! Cgpa:3.0something, no idea on the adjusted gpa - the early portion of my transcript is kind of a wreck. 152 LSAT and an MA. I am assuming that they considered me mature/discretionary because I don't think I had enough drops to make up for a poor performance in my first attempt at undergrad.
  11. I agree with what you're saying but the thing is that they should not be self imposing deadlines on themselves and giving applicants a timeline of expectation if they are not going to be able to keep to the timetable. The frustration that is being displayed on the boards is a direct result of that I would reckon.
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