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  1. I'm looking to buy used robes, waistcoat etc. women's size 8. I'm in the Lower Mainland.
  2. I used both - Powerscore in the beginning, and then when my score flatlined, I bought the LSAT Trainer and it made a huge difference. Having used both, I would recommend going straight to the LSAT Trainer. It's very clear and I liked the format better. I used a combination of the LSAT Trainer, old tests, and 7Sage online.
  3. I am wondering how best to tab my Bar Materials. I'm doing PLTC in BC, but I suppose this probably applies to all (most?) bar exams. How did you tame your materials? I've got an updated set of indices to work from. I've heard from one person to tab every ten pages to be able to turn easily/find the correct page. Any other tips? I'm probably unnecessarily complicating things, but I'm drowning in paper right now.
  4. I choose my courses based on what's available on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  5. In 1L I was really glad I lived on campus because I did all my studying at Allard and it would have been a pain to commute even from somewhere relatively close like Kits. Are you the kind of person who works best away from home? If you can be productive at home (I can't), then you may appreciate off campus housing because it is nice to try to have a life separate from school (and campus life can be isolating). If you work better in the law library, then you may want to be close to campus so you don't spend precious time commuting. 1L is, in my experience, very time consuming. But again, it all depends on how you work, what you're like, and what you want out of your first year.
  6. When I click on a thread, it doesn't always take me to the first unread post. And In the thread, the buttons on the top don't work to toggle between pages. I haven't been able to read the updates in the Suits for Women thread for example - can only get as far as March 2015. At a certain point it just flicks me back to the first post. Just me?
  7. The North parkade is maybe a three minute walk to Allard Hall. It is at 6115 Student Union Blvd but you walk out the back to Walter Gage Road and the law building is right there. I think it's closer than the Rose Garden parkade but I had friends who parked in both.
  8. I got accepted last cycle in mid March with a 162 (feb lsat) and 85% confirmed.
  9. Has anyone taken any summer classes offered at UBC? I was thinking of knocking off either Admin or Biz Org this summer. Admin is over two months, two nights a week with Salter. Biz Org is over four weeks, three mornings a week with MacDougall. Thinking of taking either or both. Interested in any feedback. How is MacDougall's Biz Org - is it crazy intense to do it in such a compressed time? Would it be insane to do both if I wasn't working? What about Salter?
  10. I wonder if they would still have your GPA calculation on file if you applied last year. Perhaps you could ask admissions and then calculate your index to see where you stand. Best of luck.
  11. I'm really glad to hear this. My approach is to go to school early (I wake up early anyway) for a couple of hours of work before my first class. I have big breaks in the middle of the day, which i devote to work (mostly). And then I do very little at home in the evenings, next to nothing on Sundays (maybe just a bit on Saturday mornings). I have kids and I'm giving it all I can. There is a part of me that worries that's not going to be enough, but I guess December exams will tell. I'm trying to be efficient with how I spend my time, and (for better or worse) am structuring my time/effort around what I think will benefit me on the final. That means that i don't do all the readings all the time and I focus on supplementaries for clarity when I need it. All that said, we are four and a half weeks out from our first exams and I've made considerable progress on my CANs and am feeling pretty good about where I'm at. I'm hoping being organized and the fact that I get to it right away will even out any disadvantage I may have. Fingers crossed.
  12. What's your LSAT and GPA in percentage with drops? I can plug it in to my spreadsheet.
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