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  1. Chambertin

    The Sartorial Canon

    I like the idea of suspenders but I generally don't wear a jacket and to me, it's ridiculous to walk around in suspenders without a jacket to cover them. Side tabs, however, I like, they're just unusual to find. I never considered that they can be effectively added by alteration?
  2. Chambertin

    Professional Corporations

    It's very difficult for lawyers because non-lawyers can't be shareholders of a legal professional corporation. You also can't get the small business deduction or more accurately have to share it so you're left only with paying them a reasonable salary for work, if applicable. Ignoring the above, the short answer is if you make enough money that you don't need it all, and can 'afford' to let a bunch accumulate, then the deferral may be worthwhile, above and beyond the professional fees and hassles (now you have to invoice the partnership, do your own bookkeeping, etc.)
  3. Chambertin

    The Sartorial Canon

    That is very good.
  4. Chambertin

    The Sartorial Canon

    The jacket is too small.
  5. Chambertin

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    So they just 'preferred' to have the convenant? How can they have litigated if was vital when they were prepared all along to drop it? I don't see it.
  6. Chambertin

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    Isn't everyone absolutely disgusted by the absolutely hypocrisy of TWU? How can they have litigated that case and looked themselves in the mirror when they were prepared to drop the covenant all along? Clearly, money is more important than their religious principles. I'm not surprised but still furious.
  7. Chambertin

    Suits For Men

    That is correct, but the missing point he left out is sure you can do that once you've proved how good you are, but not from day one. As to the other comments, I am unsympathetic to someone too lazy/ignorant/clueless to not hem pants, indifferent to fashion guys with the dutch style 'it may flood' pants, and very sympathetic to the 'one too many beers/steak/pasta and can't fit into my shirt so well right now'. I've been there, brother.
  8. Fair enough, this was before my time, I don't know specifics only what I've read/heard.
  9. It's a good article but very old. Goodman & Carr blew up Heenan style in 2007 so just FYI the article is at least a decade old.
  10. Chambertin

    Bay Street Bonuses

    I don't have anything to add other than I think it depends on the firm, the degree to which there is a flexible model of the business. I know that some firms, assuming you're a good lawyer, more or less, let you dictate your lifestyle. You want to work like a maniac, and paid like a rockstar, be like Mary. You want to be home for supper, no problem, you just won't make what Mary makes. I think for some firms, it's harder to do.
  11. Chambertin

    Bay Street Bonuses

    Try Rousseau Chambertin next time.
  12. Chambertin

    Bay Street Bonuses

    That's oddly specific. How was it?
  13. Chambertin

    TWU and the SCC

    More like decisions! There's going to be at least 3 sets of reasons, probably 4.
  14. Chambertin

    Bay St Articles Offers

    Very interesting, and kind of what I was thinking. Clients always want to know what other type of clients you have. Didn't Torys grow out of a strong connection to a couple of wealthy family businesses?
  15. Chambertin

    Bay St Articles Offers

    It's an interesting question, I think the hurdle in a firm moving to the next 'tier' is having at least one client in the higher tier you want to attract. That either happens very slowly, or you are roommates with the next Zuckerberg and your firm grows with his, allowing you to attract other top tier clients.