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  1. You mother fuckers can think what you want about this, but USask Law is pretty good value in my opinion, assuming you actually like law school and want to be a lawyer and don't mind western Canada. Almost everyone I know is going to articling jobs that have huge potential to make these people rich one day, and not a lot are scrambling for positions that I know of. Some, but not a ton, and some don't have articles but perfectly other good options that will pay as good or better than law in the whole Calgary/ Fort Mac situation we have going on in western Canada. Tuition rises every year with ridiculous explanations, though. We actually have pretty solid faculty, I think pretty much anyone can do law-related volunteering in school if they want, and the small law community in Saskatoon ensures a lot of participation from local lawyers and judges with things like teaching classes, mentoring us, and coaching moots. In our moot prep, it's not uncommon to be coached by a local kick-ass lawyer, and have real judges there giving feedback and what-not. These are some good things you may not get everywhere. That said, I hated law school and most of you on here are delusional status-whores who think big named schools will benefit you somehow in Canada in general, when they really won't do anything for you unless you want a job in whatever school's market. Edit- last I checked we are somewhere around 10 grand a year, but it does constantly go up. If a study is done on the money made by my grad class's members on average (let's say amongst lawyers only) compared to that of other Canadian schools, I bet we fare pretty well down the road compared to lots of the "prestigious" school's grad classes. Just my 2 cents
  2. 1) Why would the 0Ls be in the "law students" section of this forum? 2) Is there or is there not a point to 3L, Mr. Wright?
  3. I'd have one where the application fee was super expensive and the tuition would go through the roof too, because I would know that lots of young fools would pay it. GPAs can be as high as they like, but LSAT scores would be looked at critically. I'd want something in the high 150s, because anything below suggests retardation, and as the score goes up, I would get the impression that the person is actually smart and may, in the end, decide not to spend a bunch of money on law school. So I'd really prefer high 150s only, but low 160s would be okay too. To elaborate on the GPA, the best case scenario would be a 4.0 from a joke program and school, because this would suggest to me that this person really wants to go to law school but doesn't think they'd be smart enough to do it in a normal program at a normal school. Hence, they seem more like the type of idiot who thinks law= amazingness and would pay my outrageous tuition fee. I'd also want to see ECs. To do this efficiently, I'd ask for personal statements. The best ones would be where the applicant brags about all the irrelevant, stupid crap that they obviously did only to get into law school. Then I would hike the tution each and every year, like U of S does.
  4. I hate my life right now. I can't meaningfully change my grades, I hate all my classes and the majority of my classmates, and even if I could meaningfully change my grades, I have still seen zero correlation at all between studying and good grades, which still makes me wonder why I do readings whenever I actually sit down to do them (for some reason). So, is 3L mainly just a way for University's to make a bunch of money off us poor saps? I'm pretty sure we learned legal research and writing in1L and a thing or 2 about the law in 1l/2L. 3L seems redundant to me.
  5. I fail to see how having a job and no debt is not better than having over 100k in debt, no job, and possibly hating law altogether by the time you're done law school. So these people are basically hoping for a job they won't like, to pay down debt they got into to get that job. I think I communicated it okay.
  6. 1) Way to pump your own tires, not buying that myself, 2) I never said you had to work a trade only that it was an option. I said, quite accurately, that not having any bullshit University/Law School debt and any job (my example was delivering pizza) is better than where many of my classmates are at right now.
  7. That's awesome good for you man. You should spend it on something worthwhile, not a law degree.
  8. Noting the proliferation of 0L posts after Lord Diplock has spoken. Keep 'em coming guys, then go back to your logic games and line up that huge line of credit that will ruin your life. I think there's been some shameless financial people putting their own info on here so give them a call.
  9. Maybe they'll win a Stanley Cup in your lifetime... Oh wait, I meant maybe they'll make the playoffs in your lifetime. Keep rooting hard though.
  10. So put down them LSAT books and start a hot dog stand or learn how to weld. If you do go to law school, I hope you get what you have coming to you. A miserable amount of debt which you will have to pay off by doing trailer park divorces and fighting with your ugly, asshole colleagues. Good day
  11. Everyone will tell you to, and that you will have a better resume or whatever, but don't listen. Whenever I rant on here about how much law school sucks and how much practicing sucks too as far as I can tell, people always say "what are your other options?" To this, I say that trades people and health care workers do fine and only go to school for a short time. I also say that somebody who is delivering pizza but never went to school at all after grade 12 is probably in a better financial position than many of my classmates who have 6 figured debt and no jobs. Also, most people in law school are not good looking, and are assholes. I'm counting down the days 'til 3L ends, but YOU could save yourself from this.
  12. Ever heard of "willingness to pay"? They lag far behind most (all?) other Canadian school's tuition numbers, and poor saps from all over will pay whatever for this unbelievably amazing awesomeness covered degree, so why wouldn't they jack the price up? It is hilarious seeing them try to justify it in dubious ways though, and then seeing the student body bitch about it and the new dean justify it all over again. If only the truth was politically correct, right? It was even funnier getting an email last year that some committee had "approved" the tuition hike. Edit- we already had a recent tuition hike, the one you are talking about has not been approved yet, but I would bet on it happening.
  13. Is McGill out of the question? Or what about Queen's or Dal? I'd be weary of getting into huge debt friend. Sounds like you'll get into some anyways, but why not limit it significantly if you can?
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