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  1. WaitingGame

    Still possible to aim Law school in Canada?

    Public accounting (ie, auditing) and corporate law share some similarities (long hours, client-driven, business-oriented, etc.), but yes, the type of work being done is fairly different. Not merely in terms of numbers vs. words, or however you want to put it, but in terms of the type of service you're providing to your clients. Auditors generally provide backwards-looking analysis. Lawyers generally provide forward-looking advice (at least when it comes to solicitors' work). Point is, most CAs lack the legal analysis training that lawyers have, and most lawyers lack the business training that CAs have. There's something to be said for the marketability of someone who obtains both.
  2. WaitingGame

    Still possible to aim Law school in Canada?

    I'm sorry, but unless you are both a CA and a lawyer, there's no way you can conclusively say that. OP, do what you want to do. The CA likely won't help you get into law school, but it will almost certainly help you when it comes to finding employment at a corporate law firm. I know this first-hand. If you're looking to go into law just because you think you'll make more money, that's most likely not a good idea. But despite what some people may say, you're not doing yourself a disservice by going to law school after obtaining your CA designation. I made the decision to go to law school shortly after obtaining my CA designation a couple years ago. So far, things are working out great. I don't regret my decision, and I certainly don't consider it a waste of time and money.
  3. WaitingGame

    Schedules Are Out

    Ah yes, you're right. Sorry about that, my mistake.
  4. WaitingGame

    Schedules Are Out

    Maybe, but if you have Pringle for Criminal law its worth it to have an earlier schedule. Nope, it appears as though we have Bottos.
  5. WaitingGame

    Schedules Are Out

    Oilers99, it looks like we have either the same or similar schedules. Was that 420A on MW and 430A TR? While the early morning classes aren't great, I do appreciate getting off relatively early and not having any evening classes. Thankfully I'm living pretty close to campus so even with an 8am class, I can realistically wake up at around 7 and still make it in on time.
  6. WaitingGame

    how do you study for LSAT?

    OP, My advice to you is to focus on doing well in your undergrad, as opposed to focusing on choosing courses that will help you succeed on the LSAT. Practically every school in Canada will consider the strength of your GPA to be at least equally important as the strength of your LSAT score. Most consider it to be more important. Another upside to focusing on your undergrad is that it could also lead you towards discovering another interesting career path other than law. You might even learn something useful.
  7. WaitingGame

    Does anybody plan to NOT practice law after graduation?

    OfficerBookman, Given your revised question, the answer is clearly yes. People do it all the time and will continue to do so. And, despite the beliefs of some arrogant and shortsighted individuals on this board, this does not mean that they are unable to succeed in the legal field. Obtaining a professional degree should not prohibit you from exploring or pursuing other fields. If that was the case, as a CA, I'd feel obliged to be an accountant or auditor for the rest of my life -- thankfully, it's not. I know of engineers that have become lawyers, lawyers that have become businesspeople, and engineers, lawyers, and doctors that have become politicians. All of them have gone on to become extremely successful.
  8. WaitingGame

    Pre-Orientation -- Sept. 6

    I'll be there. Looking forward to meeting everyone in person.
  9. WaitingGame

    UofA GPA Credit Calculation

    Ohhhh man. I hope for your sake that you don't fuck up the LSAT. Good luck with your life. If I were you, I would prepare to be humbled sometime over the next 3-4 years.
  10. WaitingGame

    100% Class of 2013

    Check your ualberta.ca email account. As for the times, I agree that a 6pm time slot isn't ideal. However, I'm super-excited about being guaranteed no classes on Fridays for at least the first term. Will be a pleasant change from my current 6 day-a-week occupation!
  11. WaitingGame


    I too was waitlisted yesterday. My stats: 164 LSAT ~3.1-3.2 cGPA ~3.3-3.4 Best 2, I believe. Also have a CA designation and numerous ECs. Given that my stats are lower than coffeespoon, I guess this means that Queens is actually looking at our ECs as opposed to just stats. Anyway, I've declined the spot on the waitlist. Will be attending UofA instead. Best of luck to everyone -- here's hoping that there's some movement in the near future!
  12. WaitingGame

    Law School MUST haves: Q & A

    Ok, I'm sorry. I just wanted to try out being a dick on this forum. Asshole posts appear to the 2nd most popular type here, with neurotic "please tell me I'm great and going to do well in law school" posts being the most popular. Anyway, to answer your most recent questions: 1) I have never personally met any undergrad student that studied 40 hours a week or more on average throughout their degree. Most studied considerably less (in the 10-20 range). 2) The study method you stated to follow does not appear to be in line with your belief that you study very little, at least compared to the average undergrad student. Probably not even compared to the average incoming law student. But, yes, I would imagine that taking condensed notes and reading your notes is a useful method for law school.
  13. WaitingGame

    Law School MUST haves: Q & A

    Would someone mind posting a Cole's notes version of this post? It would be a bonus if the condensed version contained one --and only one-- independent clause per sentence. Sure: Paragraph 1: I'm good at summarizing things (although the length of my post indicates that this is not true). Paragraph 2: A previous poster noted that law school requires more study time when compared to undergrad programs. Please tell me again that this is the case. Paragraph 3: I spent a lot of time during my undergrad studies summarizing my notes. Please tell me that I'm going to do well in law school, especially since I can effectively use words such as "thrust", "transcribe", and "ruminate". Paragraph 4: Same questions as in paragraph 3, but written in a less understandable manner. Paragraph 5: Edit that makes me come off as an arrogant snob. Paragraph 6: I'm delusional and think that I worked less than most undergrad students. I'm also neurotic.
  14. WaitingGame

    Housing in Edmonton

    For Windsor Park (either the lofts or the tower), I've heard that there's a long waiting list and that you should apply early for a spot. Just wondering, how early does that mean? I'm flying out to Edmonton around Aug. 6th and looking to put a deposit down on a place then -- is that too late to find a spot there? Should I pay the deposit upfront now prior to coming out? Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.
  15. WaitingGame

    Action Required

    I checked my Bear Tracks account after receiving that email and saw the charge on my account, but basically as an in-and-out transaction. I believe if you've been accepted and paid the $300 deposit already, the Faculty of Law treats that as including the $150 (I think that was the amount noted in the email, if I recall correctly) undergraduate-wide deposit. That said, I haven't confirmed this with anyone at U of A. MJMD, if you could let us know what Kim had to say when you find out, it would be appreciated.