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  1. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    12 Angry Men (1957) and The Verdict (1982)! Awesome!
  2. Captain Courageous

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    Ah....articling. The year after my call, the "place" where I had articled increased the salary by 12G (pro-rated to 10 months) and added 10 paid vacation days. I articled a year too early!!!
  3. Captain Courageous

    Good Character

    I disclosed that I had received a fine for driving my car with an expired registration. Big deal, I forgot to renew it. But, it wasn't listed in the above noted exemptions......so I disclosed. I think this is as much an honesty check as it is a search for the evil that men do..
  4. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    That was a pretty darn good movie!
  5. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    Lighten up Francis.
  6. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    Don't embarrass the youts!
  7. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) A Civil Action (1998)
  8. Captain Courageous

    Upper Year Courses for the Bar

    When I wrote the Bar exams I had taken some of the courses in law school while other courses I had not. I scored about the same in all of them. That was my experience.
  9. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    Judgment at Nuremberg.
  10. Why would you want to? Just, stop posting, never come back, and don't give it a second thought. No big deal.
  11. Captain Courageous

    Office Romance

    The power imbalance thing. It would cause problems for both the assistant and your uhh friend. Your uhh friend should do what erinl2 said and don't.
  12. Captain Courageous

    So I failed...

    We had 8 exams back in my day and I failed one. I had to tell my articling principal because I needed the day off to rewrite. I was a little nervous about what his reaction would be. We were talking about something and then during a pause I told him I had failed a Bar exam. His response was....."So? Just rewrite it"...… and then he continued with the conversation we were having. Point is, don't worry about it, you are probably worrying about nothing.
  13. @yirang. I'm passing on some info from someone in the know (not me). If you are in the military, JAG office or not...… you are a soldier first, and a lawyer second. You should consider that fact in any decision you make.
  14. Captain Courageous

    Law school after dental school?

    You could work as a Crown.
  15. Captain Courageous

    Is BARBRI good for Canadian law school entrants?

    No such prep needed. Law profs expect everyone to arrive knowing nothing. There's a tried and true three year program to get you ready to graduate/article/practice. And then.....then......you start to learn.