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  1. Captain Courageous

    Upper Year Courses for the Bar

    When I wrote the Bar exams I had taken some of the courses in law school while other courses I had not. I scored about the same in all of them. That was my experience.
  2. Captain Courageous

    best law movies

    Judgment at Nuremberg.
  3. Why would you want to? Just, stop posting, never come back, and don't give it a second thought. No big deal.
  4. Captain Courageous

    Office Romance

    The power imbalance thing. It would cause problems for both the assistant and your uhh friend. Your uhh friend should do what erinl2 said and don't.
  5. Captain Courageous

    So I failed...

    We had 8 exams back in my day and I failed one. I had to tell my articling principal because I needed the day off to rewrite. I was a little nervous about what his reaction would be. We were talking about something and then during a pause I told him I had failed a Bar exam. His response was....."So? Just rewrite it"...… and then he continued with the conversation we were having. Point is, don't worry about it, you are probably worrying about nothing.
  6. @yirang. I'm passing on some info from someone in the know (not me). If you are in the military, JAG office or not...… you are a soldier first, and a lawyer second. You should consider that fact in any decision you make.
  7. Captain Courageous

    Law school after dental school?

    You could work as a Crown.
  8. Captain Courageous

    Is BARBRI good for Canadian law school entrants?

    No such prep needed. Law profs expect everyone to arrive knowing nothing. There's a tried and true three year program to get you ready to graduate/article/practice. And then.....then......you start to learn.
  9. Captain Courageous

    Offered articling & accepted over the phone - now what?

    Sounds like it's a done deal. Call 8 am tomorrow if you still have the Heebee Jeebees. But I'd sleep well tonight if I were you.
  10. Captain Courageous

    Law School Debt

    Worst advice anyone has ever given to anyone. Don't believe them. Service the debt, pay it down, get rid of it, but don't entertain the idea for even a nanosecond that you can "eff" it. You'll be in a world of hurt if you do. You muck up on loan payments and, well,.....Res ipsa loquitur.
  11. Captain Courageous

    Law School Debt

    If tuition is $18,000 for 1st year, you can't just multiply by 3 years at school because it will go up each year. $18, for 1st, $19.5 for 2nd, and $21 for 3rd type of thing. Same for everything else....rent, food,....beer. So if you are using the static model, that law school is the cost of 3 first years, you'll be off by a noticeable amount.
  12. Captain Courageous

    Equifax Credit Score

    Your response doesn't really address the opinion I posted. I was talking about the student......and the development of a private person/public professional. Your response talks about the financial liability of the parent. However, I do agree with your position that struggling financially isn't the only way to learn life lessons.
  13. Captain Courageous

    Equifax Credit Score

    I don't think a parent who pays their child's $100,000 tab is doing anyone any favours. Insulating the child from life's struggles and realities denies the development of self reliance. I know of one helicopter parent who took a week off of work, and flew to his son's university to take care of an insurmountable problem he was having. The Dad took care of it, and then spent the week consoling and counselling the son over the trauma he went through. The problem? The kid needed to switch his BA major from English to History. So this kid then goes to law school? And has everything paid for? Then this kid (sorry...lawyer) will now understand and handle problems of the people that walk into the office? I don't think so.
  14. Captain Courageous

    Gift for principal at the end of articling?

    Maybe I'm the odd man out with my situation. But when I finished articles, a while back, I was taken out to dinner by the entire office crew and they presented me with a gift. And it was several hundred bucks worth of gift. And it wasn't just me, this is what they did with all their articling students. It never crossed my mind until seeing this thread for me to have bought a gift. I just sent a nice email to everyone. Anyone else experience it the other way around like I did?
  15. Captain Courageous

    Getting involved in queen’s clinics in 1L

    Your 1st sentence (aka 1st paragraph), along with the first 2 sentences of your second para, and the 1st sentence of your third para, have totally identified you. If anonymity matters to you, you may want to try and redact.... but the mods have a strict rule about only doing so in the first hour. Having said that, I really like your enthusiasm and helping attitude to an incoming 1L.