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  1. I didn't research this but here it is if anyone wants to. https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/personal-loans/student-line-of-credit.html
  2. Could be a Canadian who watches American crime shows.
  3. I'm not being pedantic, but if you are looking at Ontario schools, you'll want to apply before November, not in November. I'd hate to see anyone make a mistake like that.
  4. It's not. This person thought it was. This individual transferred to another school after first year...... after numerous such gaffs.
  5. …..and do not declare that you will crush anyone who stands in your way. Someone actually said that in my first year. It didn't go over very well. 🤢
  6. LOL...true dat! I had an undergrad Phys Ed degree and got in.....and successfully out! (Top Ontario Law School)
  7. I also struggled to find a topic for a substantial research paper in law school. After I finally picked a topic, the next issue hit me like a ton of bricks! How the heck am I going to write 30 quality pages on that! Then a buddy gave me advice...… write 3 ten page papers and staple them together. It worked and I got my curved B. Not recommending this approach, just fyi. But, it did work for me.
  8. I've been in my current position for quite a few years. There are about 8 of us. We had a retirement, and a job posting for a replacement, not long ago. It in no way even remotely resembled what we do. I agree with utmguy, don't let a line in a job posting prevent you from applying.
  9. And babies, lots of babies. Which is pretty cool at reunions or even just on Facebook.
  10. 12 Angry Men (1957) and The Verdict (1982)! Awesome!
  11. Ah....articling. The year after my call, the "place" where I had articled increased the salary by 12G (pro-rated to 10 months) and added 10 paid vacation days. I articled a year too early!!!
  12. I disclosed that I had received a fine for driving my car with an expired registration. Big deal, I forgot to renew it. But, it wasn't listed in the above noted exemptions......so I disclosed. I think this is as much an honesty check as it is a search for the evil that men do..
  13. That was a pretty darn good movie!
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