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  1. @iora97 .....Party 1 letting party 2 out of a contract will infantilize party 2. If you can live with that, then ask Queen's to let you out. I doubt they will though. But that doesn't mean they are a bunch of mean old bastards.....after all, you are an adult who made a contract.....aren't you?
  2. Hmmm.......kind of like having to declare your house does not contain urea formaldehyde foam insulation I guess.
  3. You forgot Property, the bane of all first year law students. Springing interest, shifting interest,....Gahhh! …..hopping, skipping, jumping, and dancing interest....it was terrible! 🤢
  4. I have experience in both Thunder Bay and Fredericton. Freddy Beach wins hands down.
  5. I posted in another thread......this kind of debt, and now payment periods of up to 25 years? This really is a mortgage on a house you can't live in. And is there a guarantee your interest rate remain at prime plus .5% for 25 years or is it reassessed every 5 years or so...... like a mortgage? I don't know......
  6. @huskybins. Your plan # 1, on top of what has already been said, will be expensive. You'll be called to the NB Bar, paying all associated fees, then to transfer to Ontario, and again pay LSO dues, Law Pro fees, transfer fees, document fees (good standing etc) and so on. You may get some rebate on the NB fees paid, but not much. Everything 100% to LSO though. I did something similar some time ago, cost about 6 grand then , it would be much higher now.
  7. That's a mortgage on a house you can't live in. Old cliché but true.
  8. I didn't research this but here it is if anyone wants to. https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/personal-loans/student-line-of-credit.html
  9. Could be a Canadian who watches American crime shows.
  10. I'm not being pedantic, but if you are looking at Ontario schools, you'll want to apply before November, not in November. I'd hate to see anyone make a mistake like that.
  11. It's not. This person thought it was. This individual transferred to another school after first year...... after numerous such gaffs.
  12. …..and do not declare that you will crush anyone who stands in your way. Someone actually said that in my first year. It didn't go over very well. 🤢
  13. LOL...true dat! I had an undergrad Phys Ed degree and got in.....and successfully out! (Top Ontario Law School)
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