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  1. This was quite a while ago. But don't make my mistake! I sent out like....8 or 9 articling applications. I only had 1 area of law in mind and was pretty qualified so was confident. One day I saw a buddy of mine coming out of the law library with about a 50 applications under his arm. He said he sent out the same amount the day before and would send out the same the next day. I thought he was nuts. I had 4 interviews and 1 offer which I took. I..... had......1.....offer. It Would have served me right if I didn't get any. Looking back at my articling application experience, I would call my self naïve rather than arrogant or stupid. Bottom line, I got lucky. Even now, years on, when I think back, it's a little unnerving. Don't make my mistake! Apply widely. .
  2. @ OP. Don't believe for one second that law school is bigger than you are. It's not.
  3. Your chances are not very good. Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) will hunt you down and terminate you! Edit: Sorry. I thought OP was wondering about his/her Chances as a Replicant. My bad.
  4. A lot don't and I never understood it. I attended all my classes for 3 years. I mean, Jeeezzz! I was paying for it!?!? 🤔
  5. Agree with Mountebank, I do. Commas are for the weak, they are. - Yoda Oh, shit! - Yoda
  6. I posted this before. I had a straight D year in undergrad. 1.0 out of 4.0, but my last year was 3.94 out of 4.0. And I got accepted by several law schools. However. this anomaly did follow me into articling interviews though, and required explanation. I just said I had a party year, then smartened up (true). And, that it was more likely that an A student had a bad year and got Ds than it was for a D student to get lucky and get straight As. Articled. called, career......good times!
  7. T dot....meh. Check out Alberta. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/weather/topstories/strongest-cold-anomaly-on-the-planet-located-in-this-unlucky-canadian-province/ar-BBWqFCF?ocid=spartandhp
  8. It's not a handout, it's an insurance policy you pay into.....and will continue to pay into for the rest of your working life. Would you be worried what your employer thought if you received insurance benefits after a fender bender? However, I could see a problem if a trend started to appear. If you worked for 12 weeks, milked the system for the next 40 weeks, worked another 12 weeks, then milked it for the next 40 weeks etc. etc.
  9. I had unusual study habits, at least, so I was told. I never studied the day before an exam.....ever. I kept up all semester and studied when exam time approached until I was comfortable that I "had it". The day before the exam I'd just skim for about 20 minutes....tops. Spent the day doing anything but law. People thought I was nuts but it worked for me. And I surfed that bell curve all the way to graduation.
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