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  1. Yes, the keyboard has given me a lot of grief. Mine is on recall but I haven't yet managed to have it changed out. Most days I use an external monitor and keyboard otherwise I wouldn't have coped with the constant skipping/missing keystrokes.
  2. Just visited. I thought it was kind of tacky but these things are always very subjective.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of Kamloops either but have you actually been to Gold Coast? It's like Vegas crossed with Miami but with less culture than either.
  4. I was stupid enough to work during law school & I wouldn't recommend it.
  5. This sounds pathological and it must be some weird variant of Stockholm syndrome
  6. This. If you're planning to return to Canada straight away then the reputation and ranking will matter a lot more. Once you've been out of law school for a few years people can evaluate you on your track record.
  7. When I think about my own knowledge base and how incompetent I was when hired to practice criminal law fresh out of law school, this is kind of alarming
  8. A few quick thoughts... (1) Irvine is a good law school but it's also relatively new so the alumni network for lawyers is less developed than other SoCal law schools like USC, UCLA or even Loyola. (2) The very high cost of living in OC. (3) The CA bar exam is a big hassle. (4) The H1B is an even bigger hassle for all the reasons mentioned above and there are timing issues with the transition from a student visa to a working visa (and you can't initiate the H1B until pass the CA bar). You can get a bridging visa for 1 year after you finish your JD but the CA bar is only offered twice a year. If you fail the bar the first time, you could be forced to leave the country (I know someone who had that happen). (5) Moving is stressful and expensive-- I wouldn't want to be starting over twice in two different counties.
  9. For what it's worth, I have a job that is extremely flexible but find myself working just as many hours and often more than I did in a firm.
  10. OK, that makes more sense....For most people, studying law overseas is an expensive and risky proposition that I would discourage. But if you have ties to Australia and can imagine building a life there, Melbourne could be a viable option.
  11. Just out of curiosity, why did you apply to Melbourne?
  12. At the risk of being very unhelpful, I think it really depends on the type of work and your ability to manage your time. I worked part-time and, in my case, I do think it affected my grades. Having said that, I had classmates with children and that takes up more time than any part-time job. Maybe if I were a different sort of person doing a different sort of job, I could have managed it much better. I don't know...Frankly, the income meant more to me than good grades and it showed on my transcript.
  13. Be sure to put that in your CV and cover letter. And include any jail time because that will make you stand out among the competition too 😀
  14. Staying married is the even better financial decision. I've seen plenty of couples quite literally cut their lifestyle in half due to divorce.
  15. I've tried to explain this but it usually ends with someone telling me I'm a crashing snob. I have former university classmates with seemingly impractical degrees (Mediaeval History, Theology, Classics, etc) who had no trouble landing jobs in law, merchant banking, or whatever. It's where you studied that counts...Leicester is actually better than most-- some Canadians are paying a small fortune to attend ex-polys.
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