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  1. almostnot

    Report Button

    I still have it too... Maybe only mods have it now, which isn't entirely useful. I really appreciate all the self moderating you folks do by having access to that button. I've used my reporting privileges to bring it to @Morgan's attention.
  2. almostnot


    Also thinking worth noting the literal shittiest person in: Applicant X was arrested and convicted for trafficking in organs of small children; LSAT 179; GPA 3.99.
  3. almostnot


    I think the last person in stat would end 90% of the stats threads on this Board, which would give me never ending joy. Shittiest person in statistics for the regular category would be a very useful stat for applicants to have.
  4. almostnot


    I'm on team "at least one filter". If getting into law school isn't hard, riding the curve through law school isn't hard, passing the bar isn't hard, and getting through articles/LPP isn't hard: where do we insert some standard for competency? I also would never agree with the proposition that just having articles ensures competency--that's just not true, but it is something... Since law society discipline occurs after something has happened, that hardly seems helpful. ETA: So basically everyone on this thread agrees that it's WAY too easy to become a lawyer. That's terrifying.
  5. almostnot


    I'm not convinced this mythical beasts exists. I guess it's possible...I mean hey...Muggsy Bogues!
  6. almostnot


    I would love to see median stats for Lakehead, TRU, Windsor, Ottawa and UNB. I also hate how schools publish their "everyone we effing accepted" median stats and not their "these are the monkeys that actually are going to our circus" median stats. So much puffery. I also want to know the stats of the last person in the door in the regular category. If I really cared, I guess I would FOI the damn things, but I'd rather just speculate on the internet. After porn, I'm pretty sure the internet is for idle speculation.
  7. almostnot


    I saw the same in the TRU thread. Canada has its TTTs for sure.
  8. almostnot

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    I will say that Christians I know find it Lucky that BC happens to have stat holidays that fall on December 25 and some ever changing date in March or April. Coincidentally they happen to align with some major holidays...
  9. almostnot

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    I wanna know what the costs award ended up totalling. I can't imagine it's pretty.
  10. almostnot

    Trinity Western drops mandatory covenant

    Keep in mind they would have to reapply for permission from the Ministry of Advanced Education, which is not a sure thing given the government change. Also I would suggest that an additional law school is problematic given the already low admission scores of other schools in Canada. Very mediocre stats are already gaining admission. I question whether someone has the intellectual horsepower to succeed in law if they're scoring in the low to mid 150s.
  11. If you're willing to relocate, DOJ is desperately on the hunt in Vancouver.
  12. almostnot

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Hasn't Preacher sorta taken it there?
  13. almostnot

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    Is true. I really feel that we collectively dodged a Hobby Lobby beautifully crafted bullet.
  14. almostnot

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I think it was one of the few things you and I have ever agreed on.
  15. almostnot

    Trinity Western Loses 7-2

    I disagree. I think the crowd here was probably evenly split if you look back historically. A lot of the pro lgtbq people have left the site (or have reduced participation) because of the general devolution of discourse on the site.