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  1. almostnot

    WorkSafeBC Review Officer Internships

    The posting for 2019 Review Officers is up. It closes January 24 so still time to throw in an application if you're looking for summer work.
  2. https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/56220 Could be an interesting job for someone with experience in admin law and background in business (for the finance/HR stuff).
  3. almostnot

    1L Notes, CANs, and exams

    Reminder that multiple accounts are not permitted. Mods do consider requests made in advance on a case-by-case basis.
  4. almostnot

    Getting Married in Law School

    Not to add extra permutations but... Some couples also adopt a new team name that's a hybrid of both family names, eg Watson and Peters becomes Waters.
  5. No one here can provide legal advice, but you you might be able to find your own answers here: https://www.alberta.ca/information-tenants-landlords.aspx Good luck!
  6. almostnot

    Quick Note re: Paralegal Discussion

    I would actually suspect your definitions are much closer than you think.
  7. Do your own homework please.
  8. almostnot

    Lawyer Couple: Toronto Life- legal salaries

    "cost" or "worth"?
  9. almostnot

    question of protocol

    I've flagged this for Morgan (the site admin).
  10. almostnot

    What are my chances? [153]

    I found the most helpful thing for me was just writing a metric fucktonne of old LSATs under testing conditions. I would throw in an extra section just to get the full fun and once a week would write two one the same day. It wasn't about learning the questions (those you either get or you don't), but training myself to stay focused to the end.
  11. 120 to count as 4 years. I think it's all or nothing, but you could always call and ask.
  12. almostnot

    Did You Ever Really "Enjoy" Articling?

    I hit these feelings a bit later in my career than you. I questioned whether law was the right thing for me at all or whether I just hated the firm I was with. I took advantage of some career coaching resources from my university and really examined what my work values were and where I found my intrinsic motivation. I also looked at what was the underlying basis for my dislike of the firm I was with. I put together a target plan based on areas that I thought aligned with my interests and values and then moved. I'm sure there was a lot of luck involved in it too, but I really like where I am now and find the work I do meaningful (although not every day because I don't live in some rainbow-farting-unicorn world). To end up where I am now, I had to take an interim step with another dysfunctional workplace, but it was way easier knowing that it was a step in a plan and that I was using them (to gain experience I needed to make a real launch) as much as they were using me.
  13. almostnot

    The TRUTH about law school

    Man you are winning this thread so hard.
  14. I feel like the ones that have the potential to hurt are the more recruitment/proselytizing type. I think the ones that are more volunteerism that could occur inside or outside a religious setting (building schools, feeding hungry etc) or organizational/administrative (doing the church books) would be viewed similarly to any secular equivalent.
  15. almostnot

    UVic vs UBC

    For background, I went to UBC. Based on what you think is important (which are great things to think are important!), I think you'd be making the right choice with UVic. Law school is hard enough: go where you like where you live and who you're learning with.