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  1. Guess what?! Posts are still forever. There is no ability for you to delete your posts or edit them after one hour. Because of a glitch in the software some are reporting that it may actually be shorter than that, but if you do have something you wanted removed within an hour and couldn't because of a software issue, that is a request that I would be happy to entertain.
  2. Don't pee in the pool. Sure it's easy, but eventually you're just floating around in your own piss. [It's waaaaay too easy to date/"date" your classmates.]
  3. The CBABC jobs posting mail out has been blowing up.
  4. If you have feedback regarding the forum rules, I encourage you to reach out to @Morgan by PM.
  5. Sorry if someone already suggested this, but I wonder if there’s any merit to having a cover sheet to your transcript that’s separate from your cover letter. That way you’re not giving up real estate in your cover letter. Might be worth discussing approaches with your CSO if you haven’t already.
  6. Predictions on Hinkson’s decision remaining undisturbed on appeal?
  7. Unpaid internships are a major SES inequality issue. I can’t speak about now, but most people I know who did UN internships did not receive any funding other than bank of mom and dad.
  8. I was similar in that I had to work for my score in the 170s. My issue was training for sustained focus. As I’m easily...SQUIRREL!!
  9. [Gasping for air as 84-year-old hiker with telescoping walking poles waltzes past me. Mumbles feeble greeting.] I feel like y'all are just trolling me at this point for this comment in this post
  10. I’ve hid a couple of posts. Let’s try to stay on this well-worn, tedious path. It’s the Grouse Grind of ls.ca
  11. Y’all know that back in the Stone Age, when I wrote the LSAT on a slate, we still had prep courses, LSAT tutors and published practice tests? I don’t know that anything has changed substantially. (Including everyone’s deeply held need to believe in their own exceptionalism.)
  12. WCAT is hiring again. Sounds like there are several positions. Compensation starts at $118,000. Although I think under the new TBD if a candidate is an appointee of a different board/tribunal, there may be some discretion to start at the midpoint of the salary range. https://www.wcat.bc.ca/home/about/career-opportunity-vice-chair-positions/
  13. This commentary might be interesting to people. The average gain from rewriting was 2.8 points: https://www.lsac.org/data-research/research/performance-repeat-test-takers-law-school-admission-test-2006-2007-through LSAC used to make the repeater data public, but I couldn't seem to find it online for recent years. I did find this old link that might also be interesting to the OP: http://prelaw.umass.edu/uploads/documents/RepeaterData-1.pdf In 2010-11, there was one person who scored 150 or less and was able to rewrite at a 170+ level. This was out of a total pool of 25k rewriters.
  14. I 100% oppose the Court’s decision to refer to a shortened version of the petitioner’s pure awesome name choice.
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