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  1. I had totally missed that change! Thanks for brining that forward.
  2. Apparently some are trying to get into class action work. Going after carriage against some big bois.
  3. Sometimes with stuff like that, I will send a follow up email that summarizes what happened:
  4. I would make sure that instructions to LA are in email.
  5. https://bccat.net/conferences/ here’s the 2020 conference. I’m looking forward to the AI in decision making discussion. I think it will be very interesting. I think BCCAT is still doing the student sponsorship. If you’re interested reach out to your admin prof/school administration.
  6. I disagree this is the purpose. It’s to allow the LSBC to say they’ve ensured basic competency in their registrants for the protection of the public. Since a lawyer can practice in any area, they can best meet this goal by covering a broad range of topics. (Especially those topics where they find the most claims and regulatory complaints.) ETA: I guess I actually agree that broadly this does constitute a “gap”. Your proposed solution In my view just doesn’t address the right gap.
  7. A bit... someone direct me to a blog post by a smart person when it’s posted. I am not reading 3000 paragraphs.
  8. BCSC and long suffering Judge Steeves released the final decision finding that there was no Charter breach. Also not super happy with Plaintiff’s counsel’s approach to evidence by the sounds of it. decision is currently PW protected but apparently circulating on Twitter. eta: the costs bill is going to wreck Cambie
  9. Architect interns aren't excluded. That internship goes on for three to five years. They seem to be able to make it work.
  10. I would also be interested in knowing how the poster found the job hunt. Did they use the formal recruit period? Cold calling? Preexisting connections?
  11. Although isn’t it a troll self own? “Ha. Stupid people reflecting on how and why they enjoy a community thereby reinforcing cohesion. LOLZ!!!”
  12. Administrative / quasi judicial decision makers might fit the bill. Thinking the people that do residential tenancy decisions, worker’s compensation or road side suspension reviews.
  13. Sorry if already posted CBA is doing a survey of young lawyers/students on COVID: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CBAYL
  14. Lol #badlegaltakes But seriously, we do our very best to be fair and even handed when dealing with discipline situations and receive lots of information from posters that we keep in confidence. Certainly doesn’t extend to a fiduciary role, but we do try to nurture this lil corner of the internet.
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