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  1. For the record, this year I have a 78.95 (confirmed) and a 170, I'm currently 2nd on the waitlist, so Aim is right. The index is 0.2678*GPA + 0.1986*LSAT + 36.5952 btw.
  2. Is anyone else having trouble saving the "additional financial information" page on the scholarship application? I've tried saving it on 2 different browsers on 2 different computers and I always get the same error message.
  3. For what its worth when I first asked my ranking was 23 and when I asked again later it went to 27, so Id say there is some degree of error in the waitlist positions they give us, or at least there was earlier on in May/June.
  4. The waitlist has moved 25 spots, I was 27 at the beginning of the month and now I'm number 2, confirmed this morning. Index 91.5
  5. I have a confirmed 91.50 Index, and my wait list position was 27 a week ago (it actually went up from the 23 I heard in early May). I had my application in within a few days of them accepting for the 2015-16 cycle, it wasn't completed until late November though, due to them not getting my transcript in time. I'm getting pretty pessimistic about my chances. 92 is an auto admit for sure, 91.6 sounds like it should always get in, depending on the year is whether or not it's off the wait list though.
  6. Maybe try emailing them like I did. It seems like you can get different information from different people there, based on reading this forum for awhile.
  7. Just emailed the university and got this response: "You are currently number 23. The wait list will move as soon as we receive the overlap list which includes names of students that have deposits to multiple law schools. This is after May 15th." My stats are GPA 78.95 (confirmed) LSAT 170, Index 91.5. Guess after the long weekend they will start accepting again.
  8. That's my bad, its's in the accepted thread. Chrismac33's post. They're saying they got rejected in that thread with those stats though.
  9. I've been tracking this too, and I have a few more people to add: 162 86 91.7992 (this person was told they are basically at the top of the waitlist according to the "accepted" thread) 162 85.23 91.59299 164 83.58 91.54832 should also note that the "rejected" thread had someone post 165, 82% Index 91.3238 and also that there was a person accepted with a 91.68 as well, so either there is some overlap or we are getting some unconfirmed numbers in our charts.
  10. I'm on the waitlist too: LSAT: 170 GPA: 78.95% (confirmed) Index: 91.50
  11. I was told the exact same thing as Datsyuk, minus the it not being ranked until April part.
  12. I'm on the waitlist too: LSAT 170 (best of 3) GPA 78.95 (confirmed) Index 91.5
  13. I didn't bother trying to explain my 155 because it was the result of stress and a lack of studying due to school and work commitments, if my stats appear low a factor on my application could be that I recently passed the UFE and will be a Chartered Accountant (CA) as of this summer, but I have my doubts on that.
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