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    Law School References

    It looks like I'm going to have to make a bigger effort to be "visable". I'm assuming most profs have to write these things a few times a year and it isn't a big deal when they get requests. CorporateSpence
  2. In the metro Halifax area you have the choice of 3 carriers: Rogers, Telus, and Aliant. Aliant - Even though a controlling stake is owned in the company by Bell it is still essentially a regional carrier. If you spend any significant time in Quebec, Ontario and parts further west, I'd be wary of signing up with them. I'm currently locked into 2 more years with Aliant for my mobile. I spend a lot of time in Ontario, and if you go there for a few months (ie. the summer) you can't change your number to a local one. Also, if you have any technical problems with you phone, you have to physically send it back east to have it repaired. With Rogers and Telus you have the benefit of nationwide networks for service. You won't run into either situation that I have described. I'm doing a BComm Co-op program at Dal now, and I have been in Ontario for 2 of my work placements. I haven't had the best of luck with Aliant, but maybe that's just been a bad experience. It seems that a lot of posters on this board are from out of province and you may find yourself in the same boat that I'm in. Just my 2 cents. I hope it helps. CorporateSpence
  3. CorporateSpence

    Law School References

    Just wondering as to everyone's thoughts on the importance of references. For most schools they are a compulsory part of the application, but are they given much weight in the final decision? Also, if you used a professor as an academic reference, how well did you know him/her? I'm in an UG program in which the classes are sometimes rather large and I don't have too many profs who know me on a first name basis. None of these could vouch for me in an outside of the classroom context. Is this standard for most applicants, or should I really start with the apple polishing?! Thx CorporateSpence
  4. CorporateSpence

    Grades and OCIs

    If you do much better next term and do it consistently, you MAY have a shot at some OCI's (but I wouldn't expect many) and you will have a shot for articling interviews if you keep up good grades. The firms know some people need a term to adjust. That said, I use the term "may" because it's less likely you are going to get OCI's. OCI's are a crap shoot and you are at a disadvantage. It's partially dependent who is in the pile with you and how high your 2nd term grades are. Nobody can guarantee you will get OCI's. I think if you improve your grades substantially, you will have a shot at a couple of OCI's or January interviews at smaller firms. Focus on how to improve and worry about OCI's in the summer. Only 25% of the class gets a summer job through OCI's. I know a few people with A average and no job. I know a guy with 3 C's and a job. Nobody should count on OCI's. Right now, focus on finding out where you went wrong and doing better next time. You can't worry about OCI's now. It's just going to stress you out more and there isn't anything you can do about it. Edited by: Sashabella at: 1/22/05 3:44 pm
  5. CorporateSpence

    Grades and OCIs

    I am sorry you are disappointed. First term can be a challenge for many people. You are NOT alone and you can turn things around but you have to start now. Human Unit gave some excellent advice. What grade did you get in each class? Is it an overall problem (i.e. low grades in every class) or a couple grades dragging you down? Go see Gina and Colleen immediately. Analyze your study habits and exam habits to see where you went wrong. Meet with each prof and review each exam with the prof to see where you went wrong. You may also want to talk to one of your Dean's Fellows to make a plan of action and get the real lo-down on recruiting. You should be keeping up all through the year. I am not sure if you are cramming but you can't do that in law school. If you aren't sitting in the front two rows, move immediately to the first two rows. You will find you pay more attention sitting up front. If you use the internet, turn off IM and Air York during class. Do practice exams and ask your profs to read them prior to the exams this term. You are really going to have to kick it up this term to get OCI's (unless you have a B.Eng and want to be an IP lawyer - then the boutiques will interview you with a low average). Lots of firms are starting to recruit for articles so you are not toast due to one bad term. You are also going to need to have an excellent cover letter and resume. They make a huge difference. I know two people with the same grades (B average). One had an excellent package and got 15 interviews and the other had a crappy package and got 2 interviews. Be sure to meet with Chantal.